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A Day In The Life of a PZ NPC #1

December 17, 2011

Hi everyone, time for another sneak peak at the new NPC AI coming in the next update.

In the lead up to the release–as we cram their heads with a bit more zombie apocalypse survivalist know-how, as well as clean up all the brain farts that cause them to feel it’s a good idea to run naked into a building crammed with Zeds–we will release a few videos showcasing the progress.

The video below is heavily a work-in-progress. There are glitches, a few ‘odd’ decisions made by the NPCs, and the dialogue is massively incomplete and some may even be from an earlier draft (the final draft came through after this video was recorded) so you’ll have to forgive any rough edges.

The video shows a group of tenacious computer controlled survivors in their attempt to survive a couple of days in Knox County. In it you will see them preparing their safe-house by closing or hanging curtains on all the windows (except one that, due to a bug, they couldn’t reach, and which would ultimately cost at least one of them dearly). You will see them go on looting missions, abandon their safe-house and establish a second, before a final coordinated raid on a house, some holding back the horde while the rest try and grab supplies.

There is still a lot to fix, new behaviours to add, and a ton of dialogue for the NPCs still to go in, but hopefully this gives an insight into how the NPCs now ‘play the game’ instead of running around randomly like mentalists.

So, behold!