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Make Friends and Influence NPCS

December 22, 2011

Howdy Neighbors! We’re here with another taster NPC video, this time to show the NPC interaction systems we’ve added into the game.

As well as NPCs going about their own thing, you can now access a context sensitive radial menu by clicking on an NPC, where you will be able to ask them to join forces with you, give them orders if they are in your team, or ultimately trade with them or whatever else you may want to do!

NPCs will still make their own decisions, so make sure you make friends with loyal survivors otherwise they could leave you in the lurch when things get hairy.

We’ve also added a hotkey that provides a way for the player to call out, which can be used to attract NPC attention, or to attract zombies without using precious shotgun shells.

Additionally there are some new moodles, allowing your character to feel the effects of stress, boredom, unhappiness and anger.

With the icons at the bottom of the screen, you are able to choose the tone with which you will talk to people. When you are made angry by events, or perhaps rude lines of dialogue which tick you off, you may lose access to the friendlier dispositions until you calm down.

New traits allow you to be short tempered or patient, or a brooder who takes longer to calm down when made angry, and your general mood and stress levels will further effect how annoyed you get when being called an asshole. And as you can see from the video, talk to the wrong person while in a shitty mood and there can be quite dire circumstances.

This will make booze (if you’re a happy drunk), reading materials and soon to be reintegrated cigarettes a much prized commodity in keeping you alive if you have a short fuse.

We’re working on many other cool NPC features, which have yet to come to fruition, but let’s just say saving Kate is not the only thing that will ever appear in that little Quest Manager panel.