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April 19, 2011

In PZ you craft items to help you stay alive. Whether it’s weapons, food or a plank of wood nailed to a door…

Using the crafting panel, you can combine items found in houses, backyards, shops, hospitals or any other location to create the tools you’ll need to live another day.


You can construct makeshift weapons, or improve existing ones, from the salvaged items you find on your travels.

Each weapon has a range of characteristics. Melee weapons, for example, have differing ranges, swing arcs, damage thresholds, weights and resistance – which will make each one differ wildly in application and effectiveness. A hammer may be great for crushing the head of one zombie, but when surrounded by a horde it’s not going to get you very far. A baseball bat is great at pushing multiple zombies away, meanwhile, but will quickly tire you out when swinging it wildly through 20 groping hands.

By combining them with other items, or using tools on them, you can alter their attributes. Hammering nine-inch nails through a baseball bat will increase damage potential, but will reduce its ability to knock back zombies. Using a hacksaw, meanwhile, on a shotgun’s barrel will improve its close-range capabilities and lower its weight, but also reduce its range.


While you can always eat cold raw food at a pinch – health, morale and a sense of normality are important when the undead are shuffling outside your door. In Project Zomboid, you can use your crafting skills to create a culinary treat to help keep up your spirits, and in future those of your companions, which might help you avoid any inconvenient mental collapses.


Some planks of wood and a few nails could be the thin line between safety and being zombie food. If you don’t have time to craft, then maybe jumping out the bathroom window and limping to safety is a better option.

As Project Zomboid develops, we will continually add new craftable items, as well as hundreds of base items you can find throughout Muldraugh and the surrounding Knox Country.

Self Improvement

When you generate your character, you pick a profession for that’ll bestow unique perks. As you play, meanwhile, your character will be trained up in the abilities you use the most.

You’ll become more proficient in line with your play-style – whether you’re an increasingly proficient carpenter and base-builder, or an outdoorsman who rarely visits the zombie-packed town. As the game develops you’ll also be able to learn skills from other survivors, and make make friends with NPCs whose differing abilities complement your own.


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