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April 19, 2011

Protect yourself and your allies from the relentless horde with a range of weapons and defenses.

Combat is a tricky business in Project Zomboid. Unlike Left4Dead or other more shooter-based zombie games, you can’t expect to go head to head with a horde of zombies and walk away unscathed. You may be able to handle one or two zombies without too much concern, but when 100 of them are thumping at your door you’re in trouble.

In Project Zomboid, you’re hit by what we like to call the Weapon Safety Paradox™. That is, the weapons that are safest to use, like shotguns, tend to make a lot of noise – which will bring more zombies your way. These firearms, meanwhile, tend to have limited ammunition – so by the time the horde descends, you’ll likely only have a hammer or baseball bat to take them on.

On top of this: you’re not immune. Zombie games where the hero can escape the infection LIE. You can be infected by something as simple as a scratch. Melee combat is dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. Fighting the undead is a bad idea – attempt it only as a last resort.


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