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Save on Quit / Multi-map game world

September 12, 2011

There’s still a fair bit of work to do on it yet, but we thought you all might like to take a look at this:

Note this is WIP code, we’ll work on lowering the load times and the lag is caused by the video capturing software.

The second map used is not an official map but was in fact community map Muldraugh General Hospital by mendonca that we used as a test, simply by cutting a path in the top of the official map and the bottom of the hospital map, then specifying some simple script to connect the tiles on the path to each map. The maps are saved when you leave them, so the state of the map is currently static until you return there. In future updates we will simulate the world progressing in your absence.

It’s still unclear whether another official map section will be in the next update, or whether it’ll be the one after, but it will be pretty soon. Either way, the next update will have SAVE ON QUIT. The game saves every two seconds, and on quit. Each story and sandbox will all have their own save. It will save immediately prior to your death and will save no longer, so reloading after that point will just show the moment of your death. 😀

Not only this, but it’s rather easy for modders to link up exit points from one map to another, so not long after this update is released expect to see modders making big game worlds built from all the community maps made so far connected together! It allows for basically an unlimited world size (since cells are loaded in / out of memory) the only limit being how many maps are created.

Hopefully long before we can have a big official game world ourselves, you’ll be able to play in massive modded game worlds with numerous quests and storylines in them.

We’ll be sure to link them here when they begin to appear.


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