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Rough Guide to Mods #4: Food

December 13, 2011

Hello! StinkyTiger here again with another instalment of Stinky Mods. As promised last week, the focus this time is on food and other misc items. There are all sorts of great things you can do with food. Eating it, throwing it, making little forts with it on your plate then smashing it up like some kind of tasty, tasty apocalypse. In Knox County though, food is key to a long(er) life. The starving, scavenging citizens have little time for food-based hijinks, which is where our wonderful modders step in. Below we have a range of food mods that not only serve a practical purpose, but also add a bit of cheer to the proceedings. Remember, you can’t spell ‘apocalyptic survival’ without PARTY.

As always, the mods need installing first. Because there’s a wide range of mods covered, once again they require their own methods of installation. Each of the threads or downloads contains instructions on how to install the individual mods, so your best bet is to follow the creators’ guides. On PC you’ll be looking for the folder c:installdirectorymods or for Desura users, c:Program FilesDesuraCommonProject Zomboidmods. Remember, if you’re on a Mac, it’s best to place the files in their respective directory within the Media folder, rather than the Mods folder, which can be found by viewing the Project Zomboid package contents and heading to ContentsResourcesJavaMedia

First up, we have a thirst-quenching selection from acex222, who’s created a load of new soft drinks to keep your survivor high on E-numbers. Please note, being in the throes of a sugar rush does not make you into a zombie killing machine. Here, you can find carbonated delights such as Papsi, Poca-cola, Irn Nu and Hill Dew. So go ahead, have a drink, what’s the worst that could happen? Eaten alive by a horde of zombies while you’re swigging a Dr. Salt, we’d wager.

Next up, kurn1207’s mod activates some of The Indie Stone’s leftover food sprites, as well as adding a bunch of new recipes. This is perhaps the tastiest mod we’ve seen, and amongst other things you can prepare eggs (scrambled or fried), cup noodles, and a roast dinner. You can now also make a cup of tea, which is perfect if you’re waiting for this whole thing to blow over. It won’t, the zombies are here to stay, but at least now you can have a good feast before getting feasted on.

Here we have ringod123’s banana cupcakes mod. This one also contains a bunch of food he’s found lurking in the game files. The addition of bananas and cupcakes means you can now make banana cupcakes. Sadly the raw salmon variety isn’t available yet. If you’re looking to rot your character’s teeth even more, there’s also a cherry pie up for grabs here. For the fitness buffs amongst us, Ringod’s mod adds tuna, peas and broccoli if you’d rather keep that svelte waistline. Finally there’s some orange soda. Who loves orange soda? Zombies love orange soda. Or human flesh. One of the two.

For the teetotallers amongst the Project Zomboid community, this mod by Rancorist is just the ticket. Tired of getting utterly wasted before raining fiery death upon the zombie horde? Simply stick a full bottle of alcohol in your crafting panel and pour it away. No longer do you have to be blotto before you can make Molotovs. Not just a handy mod, this also pushes Project Zomboid one step closer to complying with the Firebomb Association’s Health & Safety guidelines. Always a plus.

Are YOU suffering from serious, life-threatening injuries? Bleeding profusely from a deep wound? Is your health slowly ebbing away as the zombie horde shuffles ever closer? What YOU need is SpeCter’s scissor mod! Never get caught in a bind without sheets again, simply whip off your shirt and hack it to bits! Disclaimer: May be less effective if you’ve been running around topless. Although if you have, that’s probably why you’re covered in cuts in the first place, so it’s your own fault, really. Put some clothes on! Then take them off and slice them into bits. Scissor mod; a cut above.

Finally, ringod123 returns with another handy item mod. If you feel as if survival, or at least your inventory, is weighing you down, then this handy Trash Can mod could be a lifesaver. Simply combine any item with the trash can to remove it from your inventory. Perfect if you’ve picked up forty three shotguns ‘just in case one breaks’. Never become overencumbered again. Just try not to pick up too much until you find one. The question of where the items go once they enter the trash can is one we’re still trying to figure out an answer to.

So that’s all for this time. There’ll be another developer blog coming soon, but for now, go ahead and install all these delicious mods. I’m off to rustle up a roast dinner, then wash it down with an ice-cold can of Poca-cola. The only thing missing is a Gordon Ramsay character mod. Now where did I store all that raw chicken…