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On Bandaging and BAFTAs

December 4, 2011

Hi everyone, time for another quick update on development pertaining to the Knox County Incident. It’s been a good week, and though the ‘to do’ list is still fairly chocker, things are really starting to slot into place.

Andy has wrapped on the female animations and is now working on the clothes that’ll be worn by lady survivors (and male survivors, if they so choose, of course). Meanwhile Chris is still connecting the dots to keep our NPCs as busy as they are believable. The current task is a fresh one that we’ve realised is 100% necessary to their survival ethos – knowing what to do when they’ve been scratched or bitten. The aim is to have them actively seek out bandages in their safe-house or immediate vicinity, while if another member of the party has recently been ripping sheets they can also choose to help each other out.

The Will, meanwhile, has been back scripting some extra NPC dialogue. He’s now aiming at having 10-15 different dialogue exchanges for every required event, and the wordcount of his ‘PZbarks’ document currently stretches to 8000 words. His next job is to get our survivors to wax lyrical about the aforementioned bandaging process, and also to cover a few more situations we’ve thought about that currently don’t have dialogue assigned to them. A primary one is ‘Help! Help! I’m on fire!’.

The other big news, meanwhile, is a ray of light shining into what has otherwise been a troubling time. In short, the development team of Privates – the sexual health shooter known as ‘The Vagina Game’ online – has won a BAFTA. This is a massive deal (BAFTA is the UK’s version of the Oscars Academy – only covering Film, TV, Games and Children’s Entertainment) and Chris and Andy were the respective coder and artist on the project alongside Size Five Games (née Zombie Cow) chap Dan Marshall. So, yay for winning a Learning-Secondary Children’s BAFTA!

If you want to check out Privates then you can download it from here. Otherwise Mr Marshall’s Size Five Games are also responsible for the fantastic Ben There, Dan That and Time, Gentlemen Please – and indeed the upcoming The Swindle. Please do pay them a visit.

But after that brief party-popper moment, back to the PZ grindstone! Pool cues you see, pool cues are also awesome. All we have to do now is get ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ on the juke box…