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More Tasty Zomboid Flesh

March 9, 2012

Morning, Zomboiders!

In the run up to the public release, we’re now in a position to release videos again. Mainly because a lot of bugs that emerged during optimization that would make videos a mess are finally being quashed.

So to help you survive the last few days before you can finally get your hands on it, we’ll release a few additional videos to whet your appetite!

First of all is a feature that started out as an accessibility thing, when it was pointed out on our forums that our game was impossible to play by people who can only use a mouse. As its transpired it works super well, and in our opinion the best way to play. It will also hopefully make the game more intuitive to newer players.

Introducing, mouse control!

Next feature doesn’t really need much introduction, beyond the fact that it is a much requested feature for the looters out there. With the new lowered carry capacity it became ever more a necessity to be able to dump your load from time to time.

We’ll post more as we go, but we’re getting close now!

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