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LAZY “Look At These Photos Of Us In A Pub” Mondoid

January 27, 2014

Hello everyone! Last weeks Mondoid was good wasn’t it? Wasn’t it lovely, all those multiplayer revelations? Do you think we can get away with a really really lazy one this week? We hope so!

A good portion of the Indie Stone, old and decrepit as we are, are nursing the seemingly obligatory 2 day hangovers after a wonderful evening in Newcastle meeting a whole bunch of lovely Zomboid fans at SpiffoBeer 2013(tm)

You can see some photos and chart the rapid escalation of our blood alcohol levels as the night progressed here:

Everyone was lovely and we were blown away by the turnout, and are looking forward to doing it again when Rezzed 2014 comes around. Hopefully the hangovers will have subsided by then!

In other news, multiplayer testing continues and we’re currently trying to track down some strange apocalyptic bug that begins to occur on higher player counts, that results in doors flapping open and shut like they are possessed, and continues to the point of breaking the server. This is rather frustrating, but armed with packet sniffers and all the latest network debugging contraptions, we hope it won’t be long before its resolved, and the remaining multiplayer bugs should be rather quick to resolve once it is.

In better news, PZ multiplayer is now compatible with Linux and Mac, and all platforms can talk to each other, allowing Windows, Mac, Linux and therefore also SteamBox Zomboiders all to play together. Which is lovely!

That’s all there is to say really. We’re riding the coat-tails of last week’s Mondoid, and hoping that people understand we’ve just got to plough through the remaining issues so we can get a public MP test on the go as soon as possible. We’ll hopefully get some more videos or streams on the go before that happens, so stay tuned!

Wish us luck! And thank you to everyone who came to see us on Saturday night, you were all amazing. We hope you had as great a time as we did.


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