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Alien: Isolation Unlocks in 33 Minutes Sorry

October 6, 2014

After surprise news that Alien: Isolation, the game Will’s being penning words for for a long while now, will unlock on Steam a day earlier than we expected, and the Mondoid still remaining unwritten, we hit a bit of a dilemma. The solution we figured was to write a really quick Mondoid but try and cram enough info into it that we don’t look like we’re being lazy. Perhaps with a self-referential joke about being lazy in the opening paragraph to distract everyone and kind of disarm the situation.

20 minutes? Did it really take me 13 minutes to write this paragraph? HURRY UP.


We’ve just released hotfix #3 for build 29 on IWBUMS! Wooooo.

It looks a little something like this:


  • Fixed some missing zones for foraging.
  • Fixed non trapping xp point in MP.
  • Fixed no rain when building a wooden floor and standing on it (it now need a roof).
  • Fixed server pause causing lag on player join.

The last one in particular may make a huge difference in the lag people experience on public servers. On a server with 64 slots with people coming in and out all the time this may have accounted for a lot of the lag experienced.

You can read how to get in on the IWBUMS build to try out build 29 by clicking here.

We planned to roll this out today, but we chickened out in the end and bumped the official release until tomorrow, because we were concerned about anything breaking the current build of the game considering…

40% SALE

We’re currently in the midst of a 40% off sale on Steam! Click here to buy it, if for some unfathomable reason you’re reading a Mondoid without already owning the game.


We also wrote this little thing, that explains exactly why 40% is all you’re ever going to get until the game goes to 1.0, or at the very least goes up in price post-NPCs and Vehicles (if indeed the price increase happened before the 1.0) – In short, it’s very important to us to reward the early adopters of our game, and not undercut them with sales while the game is still in Early Access.


Another big thing we’re focusing on at the moment is fixing the late game, where many experienced players start to find the game becomes too easy once they have a good stockpile of stuff and a secure safehouse. This isn’t in the spirit of the game we originally envisioned, and as more ‘long term survival features’ have gone into the game they have created a late game that was never intended to truly exist. We’ve come up with various solutions, and this is going to be an ongoing focus for some of the team while the big 1.0 features are completed. You can read all about it here.

That’s about it. It’s almost time for Alien: Isolation so please go away. Love you!

Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter  to be sure you won’t miss anything! That’s it for now. Thanks so much for living and dying in our game! Love y’all.

10 minutes…

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