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I-W-BUMS and I cannot lie

November 24, 2014

Hello, a short and sweet Mondoid this week – primarily due to the awesome contained within.

First off, you know Build 30? That awesome one with all the Medical advances, the Erosion integration and the cool split-screen bizness? Well it looks like this in a surprisingly well-produced, and consistently French, video as produced and directed by Romain – and aided and abetted by EP! [It’s all pretty cool, but make sure you check out the winterscape timelapse at 3:37]

Second off, do you fancy playing the build itself? Only we’ve just released it on our IWBUMS branch. You can read details on how to access it here, and report the bugs you find in our bug tracker here, and to read more about build 30 here is the complete changelist. This hasn’t been in internal testing too long (there WILL be weirdness that lies within) but we really need wider feedback on how the split-screen and improved controller support is working – and on any issues Erosion starts throwing at you as your game progresses.

Finally, what with yule-tide fast approaching the wonderful Connall is organising a Project Zomboid Community Secret Santa program that we heartily endorse. Check out his thread on the forums here, and get involved!

Finally, finally – we wish all our American players a healthy and happy Thanksgiving. (We’ve seen it in the films, and it looks great!)

That’s about it for this week. Keep your eyes locked onto the TIS twitter for build updates and testing news, and if you can’t then why not subscribe to our newsletter so that anything and everything exciting can be hand-delivered by an electric postman?

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