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April 27, 2015

The big plan was to have a super-cool new animation video today, but despite a valiant all-night effort to eradicate a glitch that stands in the way of an exciting vid – it stubbornly persists. So: sad face.

Mondoid waits for no man, however, so Romain ‘RJ’ Dron has thrown his hat into the ring with the full run-down on his current contribution to Build 32! Over to RJ!


Traps have receive some more RJ love since last week, in fact they’re pretty much done. I’ve had a few more ideas I want to add in, but all the items and systems are now working, present and correct. We’ve mentioned it in a few Mondoids now, but haven’t really put anything in an easy-to-read fact list – so here are the basics of my stuff in Build 32.

With new engineering and electrician skills you can now build, throw and detonate device and traps to aid you in your survival attempts. There are explosive devices, fire-spreading weapons like molotovs, a smokebomb and a noisemaker – for example.

As well as throwing these in/around crowds of zeds, they can also be set down and triggered in various ways. There’s the movement sensor, for example, that will need to be crafted from the movement sensor in a home’s burglar alarm. Each constructed device, meanwhile, has its own level of effectiveness – meaning that a character who is an electrician by trade will be able to build a better movement sensor than someone who’s just learnt from books they’ve looted.

Beyond the movement sensor we’ve got a timer – an old classic! This can be crafted from a kitchen timer or an alarm clock and it’s pretty simple: put it into your device, set the timer before ignition and wait! Finally, there’s a remote control. You can craft a trigger from electronic scrap found in devices and a receiver that’s found in, for example, radios. Then take a remote control for a television set, link the devices [through a simple right click ‘link to’ dropdown menu] and place the crafted receiver on your device. The higher your skills, the better the receiver – and the further away you’ll be able to trigger the explosion. Just think: when NPCs come around you’ll be able to leave all sorts of surprises in their safehouse!


I’m currently working on generators, after doing a lot of research on them. You’ll find them in sheds, garages and storage units in Build 32. They’re not all that rare BUT they do require certain skills to operate them. As such, an electrician will know how to use a generator, but an average joe will have to get some reading done!

If you know how to operate them, however, then you can carry them [although they are really heavy!] to the outside of your safehouse, plug it in and turn it on. A wise survivor, however, probably won’t place it inside the house as, yes, the threat of poisoning will be very real. Electricity will then be provided in the home – and the generator will slowly consume fuel and lose condition as it does so. Fuel itself will be obtainable at any gas pump in the game, while there’s still electricity to pump it. Comfort does have a price though, and users should be aware that generators make a hell of a lot of noise, and might get a bit explode-y and fire-y should their condition deteriorate to dangerous levels.


Will continues to write radio and television transmissions, and is looking with mounting horror at how much there’s left to do compared with what Romain is industriously ticking off his Build 32 list. Turbo meanwhile, with 95% of his broadcast system in place, is still fiddling with the innards of his ApCom mod with an eye to bringing it over in a future build.

He did, however, find the time to allow certain images in MP chat. This led to a spurious demand from Will, which ultimately led to the creation of a video in which a lady hacks zombies to bits while singing ‘The Hills are Alive’ from ‘The Sound of Music’.


Our favourite PZ video in a fair while surfaced over the past week. Before you go, please do check out what happened to poor old TehMikal’s brother:

This week’s featured image from Healerus over on Steam. Do you read to the end of Mondoid every week, but still persist in NOT wanting to receive the Project Zomboid Mondoid and Update newsletter? Only you can change your life for the better, by clicking here.

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