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The Darling IWBUMS of May

May 25, 2015

Short, sharp Mondoid this week because, yes, Build 32 is now in public IWBUMS testing. If you’re not aware of this process then check out this thread, agree to the consequences and start downloading. Report the bugs you find on the bugtracker here, and gameplay feedback and balance below this lovely changelist post.  We’d especially like to hear your thoughts on tweaking the new challenges towards maximum fun.

Included in Build 32 are the new tutorial, two new challenges, EP’s new zombie management system and RJ’s new professions, generators and trap/bomb crafting. In fact, we gave the keys of the build to youtuber ManBearPig and he recorded the following rundown.

Finally, MP players who are looking for more ways to deal with griefing might also be interested in reading about RJ’s new [optional] ‘claim safehouse’ server option that’s also a part of Build 32.


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