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July 6, 2015

It’s a brief Mondoid this week we’re afraid as the majority of the team are fresh off the plane from the wedding of PZ coder Romain ‘RJ’ Dron deep in the French countryside. More of which, if you don’t mind sentimental fluff, later.

But first… the stuff you’re actually here for.

While work continues on stuff for Build 33 and beyond, the released Build 32 is now in spit and polish mode. EasyPickins, in particular, has been committing fix after fix for the issues that the community has reported. We’re currently on Build 32.16, with another soon to come. God old .16 was notable, however, because it came packaged with a neatly updated system that’s accurately conveyed by the following image of a nearly naked bearded man in the process of fighting fire.


The new Extinguish Fire interface lets you target a 2×2 area, and will automatically choose the best option from any extinguishers, sandbags and water sources you’re carrying to put out flames. This will let you put out fires in burning safehouses and on burning friends – although you’d be wise to catch fires early before they have a chance to spread. There’s only so much extinguishing material you can carry, after all.

In the meantime we’ve also been tying the work done by General Arcade into the game to bring Steam MP integration to the main build – testing, finding potential hang-ups and liaising with the guys about them. Again, we anticipate this to come in one of the more final 32 builds so people don’t have to wait until the glorious ascent of 33.

And finally, the sentimental fluff, that we hope you’ll forgive us for. We’re really proud of Project Zomboid and what it has become, but undoubtedly the very best thing to have come from it has been the friends we’ve made along the way and the amazing community that has formed around it.

This was no better experienced than at the beautiful wedding of Romain ‘RJ’ Dron and his new wife Celine this weekend – two people who were once complete strangers, but through PZ are now close friends. The fact that one of many high spots over the weekend was handing over a huge list of congratulation messages from TIS forum members should come as no surprise. [All conducted via secret DMs, so apologies if people were missed out!]

So, big love and congratulations to Mr and Mrs RJ – and it’ll be a better, and less emotional, Mondoid next week we PROMISE.

rj cake

Oh, and check out Twiggy’s new Day One Survival PZ tutorials. They’re ace.

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