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Calling all Desura Fanboys

August 4, 2015

Are you one of the lovely people who purchased a Fanboy edition on Desura to give us extra support when we needed it most?

The future of Desura is currently in question and we have no way of keeping a record of individuals who paid for the £29.99 Fanboy edition. It sadly isn’t something we have access to.

As some might remember from their purchase, the rubric stated: ‘Comes with ZERO exciting special features, just smug self-satisfaction of being a hardened PZ supporter. Extra benefits *might* be shown in future’.

Right now those ‘extra benefits’ aren’t imminent (or even confirmed!) but we really, really don’t want to lose track of those who stepped forward as Fanboys.

As such, if our searchlight has found you, please dredge your email account for your Desura Purchase Confirmation and forward it to A search for ‘Project Zomboid Fanboy’ in your email account should help you on your way.

If, however, that Purchase Confirmation email is long deleted or on a defunct account please mail us in any case and we’re sure we can establish other ways of checking your Fanboyish identity.

Thanks everyone!

The Indie Stone x

PS> The Purchase Confirmation email looks a little bit like this:


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