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December 26, 2016

Hey survivors, we hope your festivities are going well if you’re celebrating – and that your cakes are bleach-free and your wounds non-infected. Short and sweet […]

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December 19, 2016

We released Build 35 four days ago, and it’s been awesome seeing folk running around and trying it out. If you missed the changelog then you […]

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Build 35 released!

December 15, 2016

IMPORTANT: If Build 35 fails to start on your machine then please check this thread. Steam may have failed to install the required VC Redist […]

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Grave Intentions

December 12, 2016

Today we released public beta of Build 35 (35.25, following on from last week’s 35.24) that we hope will be the final build before a […]

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Don’t Stop Me Now

December 5, 2016

Hey all, Mondoid again. Work on the anims/combat build continues, and we’re still tying the new system into Zomboid’s multiplayer contingent. The new state machine […]

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November 28, 2016

Hey all, hope you’re good and that US folk enjoyed their thanks-giving. BUILD 35 AND THURSDAY MEGATEST As discussed last week, we’re currently polishing the current IWBUMS […]

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Launch Procedures

November 21, 2016

'Ello, here's where we're at: ANIMS Okay, so! Where we’re at is: we’ve filled in the yawning chasm that opened up before us in terms of getting […]

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Happy Place

November 14, 2016

We have just released a new update to our public IWBUMS beta channel (details of how to access found here) with some cool new stuff. […]

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Rosewood Residents

November 7, 2016

So Rosewood Prison became open for business in the last public IWBUMS beta build 35.20f, alongside the small services town of Rosewood itself and the […]

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Swing State

October 24, 2016

Happy Mondoid all. Here’s all the latest on all the stuff soon to come to PZ’s Kentucky heartlands. NEW MAP STUFF The two new map areas are […]

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Court Short

October 17, 2016

Hey survivor people. A quick note before we start things off: We’re aware the wait for the new animation system is frustrating, and it’s also frustrating for […]

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Trucking On

October 10, 2016

It’s a bit of a quiet Mondoid this week, as we continue ironing out the remaining bugs in the new animation system. As such, there’ll […]

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Last Resort

October 3, 2016

First off another quick note that we’re now curating a Build Status and Version History overview list so people don’t have to dredge through weekly […]

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Ultima Warrior

September 26, 2016

Hey everyone, quite a bit in this week's Mondoid. Just a quick note before we dive in though. It's sometimes tricky to ascertain what's in […]

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Smash n’ Grab

September 19, 2016

Mondoid time everyone. We’ve got good progress going on the new map stuff, handy feedback being addressed on last week’s VOIP integration tests and should […]

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September 12, 2016

Hey all, welcome back to PZ’s weekly goings-on blog. Let’s delve into what’s going on with some of the features dropping into near-future builds. ANIMATION/COMBAT/CLOTHING/STUFF The new […]

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Waking the Zeds

September 5, 2016

Good evening all, and happy Tuesdoid to those in hemispheres different to our own. Here's the latest! ANIMS: Work on anims is pretty intense at the moment, […]

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I thee Zed

August 29, 2016

It’s a short Mondoid this week we’re afraid. Not only is it a national holiday in the UK, but the majority of the team are […]

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Hello ladies

August 22, 2016

The ladies have finally made it into the animation build! After a couple of weeks of puzzling incompatibilities and glitches across the export chain, we […]

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Protect the Spiff

August 8, 2016

Hey all, let's get down to Mondoidin' IWBUMS 35 The public IWBUMS beta test for the first Build 35 features remains going, with RJ pushing versions 35.4 […]

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Thirty fivin’

August 1, 2016

Something of an intermediary Mondoid this week, while RJ cranks out Build 35 features and fixes – while the wires of the new animation, clothing, […]

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July 25, 2016

Build 35 IWBUMs has begun! To the uninitiated, the 'I Will Back Up My Save' is the PZ beta branch and details on how to […]

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Die in Style

July 18, 2016

Hey Mondoideers! (Yes, that's Mondoid, not Monoid!) One big factor we're wanting to nail with the clothing update is variety and customization. With the new overlay […]

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Night Terrors

July 11, 2016

Hi there survivors. Work continues on the animation, combat, blood, gore and clothing systems that will in turn unlock the implementation of our final primary […]

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You got red on you

July 4, 2016

It’s been a week of awesome progress in anims-land, which means a new video for Mondoid. Hurrah! Have a look-see at this. We’ll also highlight […]

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Bloody Business

June 27, 2016

Last week we finally cracked our new method of handling the textures on the new 3D character models, allowing us to use various compositing techniques […]

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Strike a Pose

June 20, 2016

Right now we’re at a very ‘under construction’ stage with forthcoming builds, so we thought we’d give a quick run-down on what’s going on with […]

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Career Zeds

June 13, 2016

With Martin the animator’s great big anims export ongoing (the one necessitated by an update to the way the visible backpacks, blood overlays and layered clothing […]

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June 6, 2016

This week we’re going back over to Animation man Martin. Martin’s currently finishing up a fairly laborious re-export of all his anims, which needed some […]

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Operation Big Tree

May 30, 2016

Hello! Here is the Zomboid news. *Shuffles papers on desk* Farewell 34 and new demo First off, something that happened a smidge after the last Mondoid was […]

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May 23, 2016

Today we’ve got an update from Martin, our lovely animator friend. Something the animation update will bring is some improvements on in-game firepower, so he […]

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Two step

May 16, 2016

Good Mondoid everyone! Here we go… BUILD 34 BITS AND BOBS Build 34 came out last Monday, and most people seem to be digging it. So: yay! […]

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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, zomboys and zombettes… Build 34 is now open for general consumption on Steam! (note: this version will be uploaded to […]

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Zombo Baggins

May 2, 2016

Hey survivors, here’s the latest from Zomboidton. IWBUMS 34.19 The marvellous EasyPickins continues to build some nice tweaks and fixes in to the public test of Build […]

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April 25, 2016

Greetings survivors. It’s been an exciting week watching testers ease into General Arcade’s fantastic ‘Easy PZ’ co-op set-up, and we’re now pleased to announced that […]

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Community Watch

April 18, 2016

ANIMATION UPDATE Nothing super interesting to talk about this week with the animation system, but plenty of progress. We've been doing a lot of work on fixing […]

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Ship Shape

April 11, 2016

Evening all! Hope we're all ship-shape and Bristol fashion, and yes this is a line purely intended to reference the amazing boat construction that appeared […]

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Animated Antics

April 4, 2016

Hey all, lots of 'under the hood' whatnots this week.  We've got a few nuggets of info on how various things are progressing though. ANIMATION GOINGS ON Lots […]

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Easter Dregs

March 28, 2016

Given as it’s Easter Monday we’re afraid that all the Zomboid team have been doing family stuff and have been absent from their usual workstations, so it’s […]

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Death Metal

March 21, 2016

After the '2x tile' Secret Mission reveal and last week's focus on Martin's amaze-o animations, this 'getting on with it' Mondoid might not hit the same […]

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March 14, 2016

A nice treat for us all this Mondoid. An update on the new animation system, along with a video that we feel really underlines just […]

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The Secret Mission

March 7, 2016

For the past six months our artist Mash has been painstakingly recreating every single tile in Project Zomboid at twice the resolution. It looks utterly […]

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Leap Mondoid

February 29, 2016

Hello Zomboiders of Kentucky and environs! This week's primary development will be the IWBUMS public beta release of a build that's chock full of engine […]

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Deeper Underground

February 22, 2016

After last week's blow-out on Creative Mode, the improvement of map height limits in preparation for Louisville, the inclusion of subterranean locations and the internal […]

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Dark Places

February 15, 2016

A Mondoid update from deep inside the guts of the next build as we all bash away on our various different coalfaces. So let's get […]

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Food for Thought

February 8, 2016

Quite a lot of 'under the hood' stuff going on this week at Zomboid Towers, including the exciting integration of Mash's Secret Art Mission with […]

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Co-op n’ Carbs

January 25, 2016

Happy Mondoid everyone. Let's dive in... 33 Polish We recently pushed the fixes and niceness of Builds 33.15, 33.16, 33.17, 33.18 and the 33.19 mini-fix out of […]

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Survival Impact

January 18, 2016

It's been a really good week hearing your various nuggets of feedback on Build 33, watching streams while we code and constantly thinking that we […]

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Build 33 Released!

January 11, 2016

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, zomboys and zombettes… build 33 is now open for general consumption! We’ve released two new IWBUMS updates (33.11, 33.12 and 33.13) […]

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