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Archive: June 2016

Bloody Business

June 27, 2016

Last week we finally cracked our new method of handling the textures on the new 3D character models, allowing us to use various compositing techniques […]

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Strike a Pose

June 20, 2016

Right now we’re at a very ‘under construction’ stage with forthcoming builds, so we thought we’d give a quick run-down on what’s going on with […]

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Career Zeds

June 13, 2016

With Martin the animator’s great big anims export ongoing (the one necessitated by an update to the way the visible backpacks, blood overlays and layered clothing […]

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June 6, 2016

This week we’re going back over to Animation man Martin. Martin’s currently finishing up a fairly laborious re-export of all his anims, which needed some […]

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