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October 10, 2016

It’s a bit of a quiet Mondoid this week, as we continue ironing out the remaining bugs in the new animation system. As such, there’ll be no animation video this week, but we know the wait’ll be worth it. We’re fully aware this is taking its time and some people are frustrated at the wait, but we’d rather take a bit of flack, than release something that will disappoint. Often short 30 second videos give the impression that everything is ready to release so we understand the frustrations, but there really are still too many game-breaking issues that would leave many more people much more frustrated, but we’re getting through them all. We know we can take our time, but when we do deliver we’ll deliver what we’ve promised.

Build Status

Romain continues hammering away on IWBUMS build 35.18, adding the ability to access and modify the server’s database directly, simplifying server management, and hopefully limiting the need for mods to have direct access to the server’s file system.

He’s also attempted to slay the multi-headed hydra of save scumming, this time by implementing transaction IDs for player actions, commonly used for financial transactions in the real world, so no more copying saves between computers whilst on multiplayer (sorry!) or reloading a backup. This will hopefully solve a lot of problems with cheating that still exist in the game, though its too early to tell if there’ll be any complications that will arise.

Additionally, General Arcade continues putting out new, more stable VOIP builds. Internal testing continues, we’re trying to make sure it won’t crash servers or corrupt saves, not to mention introduce lag. We’re also trying to get the default VOIP settings just right, a Goldilocks task if ever there was one.


Turbo has released the first version of WordZed to the modding and translation community! You can find a link here along with a tutorial video  – this will both allow for modded radio and TV data to be added to the game, allowing modders to build in their own lore into the world. In addition to this, Turbo has updated all the language translation files to allow for us to get all the community translations of the radio and TV content into the games. Thanks again to our dedicated translator communities, bringing the news along with Spiffo cartoons to our non English speaking players! After this, Turbo is going to explore how to integrate the in-game radio system with the VOIP, allowing players to transmit their voices across Muldraugh’s virtual airwaves.

Cool Mods

Over on the workshop, someone’s managed to add a lightsaber into the game, for all your zombie-chopping needs.

Nolan appears to have suffered a cloning disaster, perfect for your latest plan to Take Over The World!

Be sure to check out South Wuxburg, USA, as well!

And, Finally

The Small, but Important thread, detailing all those little issues people have with the game that have so far not been addressed, a big focus of build 35, is now over 270 suggestions. If you think of anything small, but annoying, things about Project Zomboid, please add them to the list!

This week’s Multiplayer disaster is courtesy of Lenin, over on steam. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! The CBOIT now also flags that our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks.

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