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April 17, 2017

Hey everyone! A brief Mondoid this week given that its Easter Monday, with everyone picking up tools proper after the Easter weekend tomorrow. A few updates on the current goings on:


The first major closed test of the vehicles went really well, and we harvested a lot of cool feedback to help get them on their way toward release. General Arcade have just done another major update to the code, and we’ll be getting this into testing either today or tomorrow. Some highlights include more vehicles, Walking Deadesque traffic jams along city roads, and increasing the zombie attraction to the car engines, as well as continuing the Zomboid tradition of us being evil and sadistic developers, by adding the classic 90s era / horror movie reliability of starting engines in stressful situations, so players can squirm in the driver seat turning the key trying to start the engine while the undead begin to crowd around the car. There have been a whole bunch of bug fixes too, and we’ll see how it gets on in testing!


As we mentioned last week, we now have Mark enter the Zomboid development fray, and he’s currently getting familiar with the Zomboid codebase and he will be using his animation development experience to help us push the animations out the door as soon as we can! As a way of familiarising himself with the animation code-base, he’s currently in the process of implementing a third party asset loader that will make the file export process much easier and hopefully ferret out a few remaining issues with the system, and into the bargain allow modders to load a wide range of 3D model formats directly into the game, which will make it much easier for modders to add character models, vehicles, weapons and the works.

There’s probably other stuff going on, progress on build 37 etc, but we’ll leave that until next week when full post-holiday communications have been restored!

Happy Easter everyone!

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