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Archive: February 2019

Forking Hell

February 28, 2019

Hey hey it's Thursdoid time, this week may be a bit short as there are interesting things afoot in the Indie Stone family that means […]

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Zed Tumble

February 21, 2019

Hey all, some Thursday dev updates from anim-land. CHARACTER MODELS AND LIGHTING Last week we discussed the issues we’d been working on around how character lighting is […]

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Higher Fidelity

February 14, 2019

Hey all, another busy week in Build 41 development – so here’s a few of the different things that people are up to. An area that […]

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Taking me Pyre

February 7, 2019

Hey all, this week has largely comprised of bug-fixing, optimization and general necessary busywork around what was discussed and shown last week, alongside the compilation […]

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