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Celebrate Zed Times

December 26, 2019

Hi everyone, long ago a bargain was made with a mischievous Christmas spirit that we’d blog every week come rain, sleet or snow – so here’s your Yuletide Thursdoid. Complete, now, with IWBUMS beta Santa Hats!

Clearly, not a lot to shout about this week due to the festivities BUT a few interesting nuggets have been submitted to the internal tester build for inclusion in the patch when we all get back into the swing of things back in 2020:

  • A fix for blob corpses in areas like McCoys logging and the Prison
  • A fix for vehicles being launched into the air by corpse piles
  • Addition of a sewing kit to the loot table, and the glorious return of Mouse Traps.
  • Improvements to where/how loot is dropped – including an option to allow you to always drop at the centre of the tile you’re stood on if you’re a neat freak.
  • A fix of a pretty major ‘zombie attention’ bug that had negative impact on zeds spotting you from more than 10 tiles away – and has been prevalent in all public test builds. We’ll need some feedback on how much trickier this makes survival come patch release.
  • A revamp/overhaul of our mod system – details on which we’ll provide next week. 

Traditionally too, holiday time off has always been one something that’s allowed for experimentation – stuff for the builds beyond the current one in development.

And so, amongst other exciting things, we’ve been seeing where the capabilities of the animation build can take us with the people who started it all. There’s a ton of work still to go with them, they’re not on the confirmed list for 42, but…

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne?

Thanks all, here’s to a 2020 that’s been as exciting as 2019 has been for Project Zomboid. See you next week!

Many thanks to WolframGama on Reddit for the awesome screenshot we used as the Featured Image in this blog.

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