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June 21, 2018

We released the Build 39 vehicles patch this time last week – release notes for which can be found here. This seems to have remedied […]

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Gun Run

June 14, 2018

Short dev blog this week as we’re still patching up the vehicles build. The initial launch was pretty stable, and has thrown up some amazing […]

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On the Move

June 7, 2018

Evening all! Last week’s vehicles release felt like it went well. The release version was fairly stable, people are enjoying having transport in the game […]

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Evening all, we do hope y’all are well. IWBUMS BUILD 39.61 We’re hopeful that today’s public IWBUMS release (39.61) will be the last before the full vehicles […]

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Privacy Policy

May 24, 2018

"Hi. My name is Spiffo the Community Raccoon. If you're interested in The Indie Stone's Privacy Policy then, friend, you've come to the right place." Last […]

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Monkey Bizness

May 10, 2018

The Build 39 Vehicles build (playable in public IWBUMS beta) is essentially ready to go, but we need to be sure that a couple of […]

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TEA time

May 3, 2018

Hey all, brief Thursdoid this week while we polish the vehicles build, prep release videos and such-like. So here’s the news in brief. • We just […]

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Blends n’ Shades

April 26, 2018

Evening all. Some good vehicles stuff today as they approach their public release, and info from the animation coalface. BUILD 39 IWBUMS BETA As stated last week, […]

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