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February 20, 2020

Hello all! Very brief Thursdoid today, our usual Thursdoider Will is away on a well deserved break from the 41 grindstone, and we're all hard […]

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February 13, 2020

Hello all, here’s a quick dev round-up from TIS headquarters. IWBUMS BETA 41.30 We’ve currently got the next patch being tested on an internal branch, and with […]

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Taking aim

February 6, 2020

First up, yesterday we released IWBUMS beta patch 41.29 - the changelist for which you can find here. This means that our 'zoom' beta's sharper models […]

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Garbage Train

January 30, 2020

Howdy all, let's run through the latest. We updated the public IWBUMS beta this morning, which is now running on Build 41.28. The changelist is viewable […]

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A Good Day

January 23, 2020

It's largely been a week in which we've been drawing up plans for aspects of the MP work discussed last week, plus organising and putting […]

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Sock it to ’em

January 16, 2020

Fair amount to get through this week, starting off with us flagging that this week we have released two patches for the IWBUMS beta of […]

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2020 vision

January 9, 2020

Hey all, first week properly back this week - so a few things to tell. The next IWBUMS beta patch should be rolling out early […]

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New Yearzoid

January 2, 2020

Happy New Year to all the survivors out there! This will be another light Thursdoid, as we're still in the process of ramping up after […]

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Winter Warmer

December 19, 2019

Hokay, so holiday season is fast approaching so the IWBUMS beta patch we put out today is going to be the last of 2019 - […]

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