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April 5, 2012

#1: Podcast! Beever!

Hi everyone. This is the first of a regular sequence of blogs devoted to the fun stuff that our players are getting up to in the world (slightly) beyond Knox County. It’s our way of highlighting cool stuff that’s going on the forums and also, we hope, a way of showing our appreciation for the time and effort a lot of people are putting into our game.


First on the agenda is (fanfare) the All Things Zomboid podcast. Everyone at The Indie Stone is rather excited that there are people saying real life words about our game, and even more excited that they’ve decided to trap those words in an MP3. As such we dispatched Captain Binky to Skype, where he mulled over Zomboid with lovable ATZ hosts Matt and Dan.

You can get the podcast from the All Things Zomboid site, or if you’re an Apple kinda person then it also lurks deep within iTunes. All very exciting.

Zach Beever Remix competition

Second item on the agenda is the grand final of the PZ forum’s Zach Beever remix competition, a contest organised by the wondrous Pixelface in which survivors took to their virtual mix-desks to reform our The Zombie Threat track. Zach himself judged the contest, and the entries were hugely impressive. The following three, however, stood on the podium.

First place: How To Become A Zombie by ibyabyg
Second place: The Zombie Threat (Allsworth Remix) by markallsworth
Third place: Project Zomboid vs Tron: Legacy by esgimusic

Thanks to everyone who entered, and even bigger thanks to Pixelface for organising the contest!

Last week for screenshot entries!

Just a quick reminder that The Indie Stone are running a screenshot competition for the public test versions of the 0.2.0 update. If you take a decent grab (we recommend Fraps as a decent tool to take these with) then post it up in this thread – and if you’re in our top three you’ll be sent a package of gaming swag that The Will Porter has picked up on his travels as a games journalist. All entrants, meanwhile, could find their images being part of the prestigious Project Zomboid press kit…

Get in touch!

If there’s something you’d like to see covered in future Community of the Dead blogposts then please get in touch. Either mail us, tweet us or shout from the forums. We’ll be doing these whenever there’s enough fun stuff to chat about, basically, so the more you do – the more we’ll say that we love you for it!

"Spiffo the Community Raccoon says 'Thank you!' for doing Community things! Just PLEASE stop dying in his restaurant, as there's blood EVERYWHERE and he's fed up with mopping it up. Thanks!"



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