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News & Dev
September 5, 2012

The Ascent of RobertJohnson

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we know you’re all busy nailing boards to your windows – but please pay attention to this – The Indie Stone Employment Broadcast System.

After our call-out for coding assistance last week we got a remarkable number of people emailing who were interested in the job. It turns out, however, that we didn’t have to look very far. RobertJohnson, real name Romain, is the co-creator of such esteemed PZ mods as The Farming Mod, the Camping Mod and the ever-charming Dismemberment and Cannibalism mod. As of now, however, he’s part of the Project Zomboid team.

We think it’s a perfect fit because, as one of our primary modders, he understands what the mod community need from our game – and can help shape it ever more into a place where clever Lua coding can run like water. He will also meanwhile (as, indeed, he is right now) pay attention to the smaller gameplay bugs and niggles that have often been overlooked while we’ve dealt with game-breaking issues and new features. The stuff he’s done already to improve our little game are enough to convince us that we’ve made the right decision.

On top of Romain/Robert starting work on our game, our call out to the Java development world might also prove beneficial as we now have a little black book of like-minded coders (as well as the redoubtable Caspian Prince) to call on in future when it comes to advice and work on more in-depth engine coding. As such we’re feeling very positive about things right now, and all you lovely people saying you like us on Steam Greenlight is helping a smidge too!

As for the next update, well Chris and Romain are in the final stages of attaching a pretty pink bow to it. You can find details here in the Status Update thread here

The current thinking is that it’d be best for everyone’s enjoyment to make sure we’ve tackled all the big gameplay bug issues in one go. We want to make sure RC3 is the defacto build for people to go to, instead of dribbling out a long line of builds that all have issues that stop people having fun with them. With Romain/RobertJohnson’s help this is proving a speedy and satisfying process, so we’ll keep you updated with how we’re getting on. Congratulate him in this thread!


It’s Greenlight Time!

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Woohoo! We’ve been Greenlit!

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