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October 24, 2012

Halloween Treehouse special

Hey there PZ peeps. We’re just chiming in with a quick Halloween-themed community blog post to show how much we dearly love y’all, while we hammer and chisel away at RC3.

What with the scariest day of the year coming up we thought that PZ survivors may well be dressing up like loons for parties – and as such we thought a Halloween Costume competition might prove just the thing.

First prize is a Steam code for the new X-Com, while we’ll gift a second prize of a Steam gift of the highly rated Hotline Miami and whoever comes in third will receive a download copy of Indie Game: The Movie.

Here are the rules!

• Post up a photo of you in your Halloween garb in this thread – but to timestamp it a little then please hold a piece of paper that says something Zomboidy on it. So it could say ‘PZ rules!’, or perhaps ‘RC3 update now plz!’, it’s entirely up to you – just make it obvious that it’s a pic from this Halloween.

• You can dress up as whatever you like, clearly, but do be aware that the judging panel will be Project Zomboid developers and all of them really like zombies. (And raccoons. But mostly zombies.)

• We’ll judge all entries on Monday 5th November so we cover both Halloween-y weekends.

• If no one bothers to enter then we’ll still award the prizes to people even if they’ve smeared their faces with tomato ketchup and pulled a face.

You’ll find the competition thread here on the forums. Just remember that a nail-bat to the forehead is not recognised as a ‘trick’ in the official Halloween rulebook.

It’s also worth noting that the second PZ screenshot competition is still ongoing, just waiting for a closing date because with RC3 we can get images of fire and ladies into our press-pack too. We recently sent t-shirts and gaming merchandise (including a cool miniature Hitman figurine) to our previous winner in Malaysia who had previously forgotten to get in touch – and there’s even more awesome stuff piling up for the next group of winners.

Thanks everyone!

Spiffo the Community Raccoon doesn’t dress up like this for fun. He does it to survive.

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