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November 6, 2012

#7: Halloween Winners!

Ladies and gentlemen, zombie boys and zombie girls – the results are in from the first ever Project Zomboid Halloween dress-up competition.

Our clear winner was Baron – who dressed up as none other than famed hen-pecked survivor Bob Smith! Baron, it’s not right or proper for developers to have favourite community members but still, right now, you are our official favourite community member! Congratulations! Enjoy your shiny Steam copy of X-Com!

Next up in second place, and proud winner of a copy of Hotline Miami, is Sepherose! Charming Sepherose dressed as a zombie apocalypse survivor, and even went as far as ruining a perfectly good baseball bat with a reference to our game. Cheers chap!

Last up on the podium meanwhile, and awarded a download copy of Indie Game: The Movie, is Pulsusego who dressed as what he describes as ‘a post-apocalyptic scavenger/bandit/survivor’. One things for sure – it looks pretty bloody hot in there.

Massive thanks to everyone who entered – so big love to Alex4050’s excellent Scarecrow axe maniac, Urteem’s druggie Jonny Depp, Agerion’s Slenderman and Mamen963’s gas mask survivor to boot.

We’ll get in touch with all the winners via PM, so if you’ve been successful in your dressing up – hold tight! We plan to do this again next year, and in the mean-time if anyone has any ideas for community competitions or related excitement then please do get in touch!

Thanks everyone!

Spiffo the Community Raccoon would like to congratulate the winners, but would like to remind all involved that no-one looks as badass as him…


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