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May 27, 2013

Let's See Mathas Mondoid This!

Hey everyone! Another rather bare-bones and frighteningly lazy Mondoid this week, as we’re busy preparing and testing our 8c build of Zomboid for Desura. It’s also a bank holiday weekend (or Memorial Day weekend in the US) and the hectic and break-free crunch period of the last month or two has really started to show, so we may not be firing on all the cylinders and affording ourselves a few hours here or there to recuperate during this holiday period.

Regardless, we’re still working away on the next build over the weekend, as there are plenty of important fixes to be made before we feel we can safely relax. A crash bug and a crash related save issue still lurks inside the build, and we won’t be satisfied until we can get a build out there that is stable in the long term, fixes the mixed joypad and keyboard controls, and returns farming and other core features to being fully functional.

As far as we can tell all these issues are fixed. However, and this is crucial, after the last build went out with a couple of these issues still present after we believed they were fixed, this time we’re making double sure. This means despite our original hopes, there will be no build today. We want the 8c build to brew in testing for a couple of days to make sure they don’t rear their ugly heads once more as, like most of the players, we’re sick of them and want them banished forever. Another build with save issues will not do.

As soon as we’re confident, we’ll pipe the builds over to Desura and at that point can hopefully resume our quest to see Kate and Baldspot return before Rezzed is upon us.

There are plenty of other fixes too, in case you were wondering, and here are a few of them:

Apologies for the lack of exciting or new. There are a few fun avenues we’re exploring in terms of aiding newer players (or older ones not yet schooled in the ways of the new sneak and combat systems) to pick up Zomboid and learn to play it well, with some added Spiffo for good measure.

More on that later, but it’s little more than an idea at this stage and will remain so until build 8c is out the door. We’re hoping once earnest redevelopment on Kate and Baldspot can begin, we’ll get them in quite sharpish, and once again our good friends The Pillow and Bobby Collins will be part of the Zomboid universe.

Until then, thank you everyone for your support. Watching the streams and reading the feedback has been wonderful and we finally feel on top of the world again.

Love you all,


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