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May 1, 2013

Public Forum Test!

Hello everyone. The moment has finally arrived, and we’re both excited and terrified. ‘RC2.9’ is finally available to test on our forums! Go easy on us!

First off, please read these points before starting to play.

It’s not clear in-game but E opens doors / windows, HOLDING E will climb through a window, and HAMMERING E will smash the window.

1) This is not an official stable release. This version has some known problems, but as far as we can tell all serious issues risking save games are resolved. However, this does not mean that save bugs are not lurking. Using this build you accept the possibility that it may not be stable.

2) The main focus of this public forum release is to figure out the issues we are having with some Intel graphics chipsets. We’ll also be making sure Mac and Linux builds work, and will upload those shortly (as in today). There may be other compatibility or performance issues, but we’ll resolve them asap and will be our main focus of bug fixing.

3) There may be a few hotfixes required to deal with any immediate issues. Bugs can crop up between any versions, so please be patient if there are any problems as we’ll quickly resolve them and upload a hotfix for any serious problems asap.

4) The game will be released on Desura as soon as the intel bug and any other undiscovered serious issues are resolved.

5) Things missing: Fire, NPCs. Double size. They will be dropped back in as soon as they are sorted. In case of fire and double size, that’ll be very soon. NPCs after Desura version.

6) Known issues, a few weapon sprites are missing, a few minor map issues. Various small issues with UI. All hopefully relatively trivial. We’ll work on anything that crops up. Restarting / reloading the game is often the best way to solve any glitches with for example the inventory stopping working, though hopefully these will be very rare and/or fixed.

Some other general extra information here:

Make sure you have Java installed: 64bit for 64bit OS’s, 32bit otherwise. This also defines what exe you launch. If you crash loading texture pages then this may be related to the Intel bug or a similar incompatibility.

If you can’t play right now, look see what’s over here perhaps? All Things Zomboid returns! With CaptainBinky and Mash as guest hosts.

Have fun!


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Stable Build: 41.78.16 | IWBUMS Beta: 41.78.16 | Version history | Wiki
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