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June 4, 2013


Here’s Spiffo the Community Raccoon’s full run-down on the most asked questions we get about how people can get their hands on Project Zomboid, and where we’re going with it.

Q. When I buy Project Zomboid, what does that get me?

A. Project Zomboid is a game that’s still in development. When you purchase a license you gain access to every build we release, up to and including its completion. We will consider the game complete when we’ve ticked off everything we promised at the very start of our alpha-funding campaign.

Q. So where can I get the current build?

A. The latest stable Project Zomboid build will always be the primary Steam version. Details on how to access public test builds of upcoming versions, known as IWBUMS builds, can be found in the PZ Downloads section of our forum whenever they are available. These, however, are released for bug-chasing, and as such might not be the smoothest ride.

Q. So can I exchange my existing PZ username and password (that I obtained with the old Google Checkout payment option) for a Steam key?

A. Yup. If you’d like to transfer your username and password for a Steam key please email us on with your existing PZ details and receipt. These were emailed to you when you first bought the game

Q. How do I claim my Steam key if I’ve bought PZ on Desura?

A. Since Desura entered administration we’d ask that you email us on too, if possible with a Desura purchase confirmation email.

Q. So I don’t have to rebuy the game on Steam?

A. Nope. We’re making sure that everyone who has bought PZ gets a Steam code.


Q. Help!  I’m having some sort of trouble getting PZ working!

A. In 99% of cases our Support pages will be able to help you, but if the issue persists then post up in the Support section of the forum.

Q. When are you guys going to work on multiplayer?

A. It’s out! The next big things will be the animation update and NPCs.

Q. Do you guys need any help with music, artwork, translation or some other creative endeavour?

A. We’re fine right now, we’ve got a full complement of developers and helpers, but feel free to send over whatever you’d like. If you’d like to help out then the best way would be through our modding community.

Q. Do you mind if I put playthroughs of Project Zomboid on YouTube, and monetize them?

A. Not at all! YouTube is the lifeblood of our game. Go crazy! You might need to link to this page granting you permission.

Q. I have a suggestion for a really cool features that could go in PZ! Who should I contact?

A. Go to the Suggestions part of our forum, search to find out whether anyone else has ever dreamt it up – and, if not, then dazzle us with a post about your zombie survival know-how.

Q. I’m not sure what I’m doing in Project Zomboid. Is there a manual?

A: There’s a great unofficial one! Beyond this, check out the PZ wiki which will help too.

Q. What age rating is Project Zomboid?

A. We currently have no fixed age rating, but would underline that this is a mature game dealing with adult subjects. Parental discretion is certainly advised.



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