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September 26, 2013

Screenshot Contest Returns!

Hey Survivors. Today sees the launch of a brand new PZ screenshot competition!

We’re looking for grabs of current test builds of Project Zomboid to use on our website and in press materials – which is where you, the desperate uninfected, come into play.

We’ll be awarding six prizes – three for Artistic Merit, and three for accurately summing up Daily PZ Life. Prizes will be gaming goodies that Writer Will has collected on his journalistic travels – and so you know what sort of stuff we’re talking about for the first contest winners we sent out prizes like Duke Nukem Forever Y-fronts, a copy of Crusader Kings 2, a Left 4 Dead cap and a whole bunch of cool t-shirts.

This time we’ll also be upping the stakes and gifting the two category winners the game of their choosing from Steam or Desura. (A regularly priced one, mind, not one that comes laced with a downloadable gold hem and/or a pdf instruction manual studded with rubies.)

Judging will be done by the Indie Stone team, and decisions will be final. Please note that all screenshots posted in the previous contest thread will be automatically made part of the new competition.

Please post your screenies in this thread. Oh, and we recommend FRAPS as a decent piece of grabbing software. That said, on forum test builds and the current Steam build PZ will auto-take screenshots when you press F12, and will then be saved in the Users/YOU/Zomboid/Screenshot folder.

This contest will close shortly before PZ goes on Steam Early Access, after which we’ll start a new competition. Sound good?

If you want to know what sort of fierce screenshot-taking rivalries you’re about to take on, meanwhile, here are (finally!) the results of the 0.2.0 contest!

(We can only apologise for the hugely late appearance of these – which were a victim of what we call ‘the long winter of no content’ in terms of game builds. As an apology we’ve upped the prize-fund, and all winners will be sent a copy of the excellent Zafehouse Diaries as well as goodies. Many thanks to Screwfly Studios!)

The Indie Stone Award for 0.2.0 Screenshots that look Nice and Arty

First Place

Fluxpuppy: ‘Help’

Second Place

Graaains: ‘Push Me’

Third Place

Diomedes57: ‘Into the Pit’

The Indie Stone Award for Screenshots of Daily PZ Life

First Place

Caninekinds: ‘Even the Dead may die…’

Second Place

Nachtfischer: ‘This is MY camp…’

Third Place

Blasted Taco: ‘I’ll get a round in…’

Thanks to everyone for taking part! If winners could DM Batsphinx on the forum that’d be lovely, although we’ll do our best to track you down the death of the old forums will make it a bit of a pain in the bum. We’ll get those prizes to you though!


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