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March 17, 2014

Culinary Delight and Coffee

Happy Mondoid wanderer. This week has been an exciting one as it’s been Mash’s annual visit to Newcastle. Having arrived from the icy wastes of Canada, it’s now traditional to fend off her jetlag with wholesome water while others partake of caffeinated beverages. Also on the table: while excitedly talking about Zomboid’s future, including NPCs, the metagame, and a UI overhaul (all of which we will get into in Mondoids to come). It’s also here that we extol the culturally significant virtues of Northern culture, like having a Greggs on every street corner.

More of which later – first though, the house keeping!


A new version of build 25 is currently in testing, with not only 3D models, but a whole host of fixes and polish to both single and multiplayer. Finally features such as quitting to main menu are fully integrated into the game. Now it’s just a case of seeing nothing is broken, before we bump the new build to the I Will Backup My Save branch, and hopefully onward to a general release. Since people are playing a reasonably stable version of multiplayer, and because of the risk of segregating players on various branches into different servers, we just want to be extra careful that we’re not breaking anything.

For numerous reasons, we’ve set ourselves a cast iron deadline that both Steam official and Desura must be updated before we head down to Rezzed. That’s the closest to an actual ETA you’ve had from us in a while.


The Indie Stone will be at Rezzed this year – and will be hugging players and strangers alike between 27th and 30th March at the NEC in Birmingham. (Well, a few miles outside of Birmingham next to the airport really.) We will be doing a talk/panel with Dean ‘Rocket’ ‘Day Z’ ‘Nice man’ Hall on the Sunday, while on the Saturday our very own Will Porter will be sitting in front of a worryingly large audience to chat horror gaming alongside lovely Dean (again) and Al Hope the Creative Director of Alien: Isolation. It’d be lovely to see you there, and if you want to meet up we’d really, really like that.


There’s been a lot of English vs. French cooking outrage this week between Binky and Romain (“You use eggs in burgers?!”) as they discuss and design the new cooking system that Romain’s been beavering away implementing this week. We never knew that making a zombie game would demand so much bechamel discussion. Nevertheless, Zomboid’s culinary advancement is well underway.

1) The new recipes !

Now, as an example, to make a soup you’ll need a pot with water, and can add all kinds of ingredients (either raw or cooked), each affecting hunger reduction.

For example, if I want to create soup with some Chicken, it’ll be a soup with 15 hunger reduction.  The Chicken I use will decrease by 15, meaning I can add Chicken more than once (Chicken has a base hunger reduction of 40).  If you have a Chicken with only 5 hunger reduction left, you can still use it, but it will only reduce the soup’s hunger reduction by 5, and will count as 1 ingredient.

Every time you add 1 item, in addition to hunger reduction, you’ll get some happiness/boredom reduction, but if you keep adding the same ingredient, you’ll remove the bonus and in fact create unhappiness/boredom. The bonus depends on cooking level: a better chef will be able to add more ingredients, and more of each ingredient without negative effects.

2) More Cooking skill effects !

Cooking skill doesn’t affect the hunger reduction of recipes, but will affect how much is “used”. For example, a skilled chef will be able to use a smaller portion of chicken to yield the same amount of recipe, simulating how they can cook with less wastage. Similarly, cooks at a sufficiently high level will be able to cut away rotten parts of food, and so be able to use small portions of rotten ingredients.

Cooking skill will also influence the time to add ingredient in your recipe.

So that’s it! You can soon look forward to baking pies and making Dagwood sandwiches in PZ.

Until next time!


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