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March 31, 2014

Tassels R The New Terror

Hi there Mondoider. As this is being typed the Indie Stone and various much-hugged community members are scurrying home from Birmingham – to Newfoundland, to Wales, to Brighton, to Finland, to Germany and all manner of other far-flung locations. Even Newcastle.

It’s been a great few days, but more of this later as first we’ve got an apology to make.

As we’re sure you’re aware the plan was to elevate the latest build from IWBUMS testing and into the official Steam download before Rezzed. Sadly, although it’s still free for anyone to test out, there were still some compatibility kinks that needed a fix at the tail-end of last week – so this didn’t happen.

There’s still a few (very few) graphics cards that get bamboozled at the new player and zombie models, and making the build official would have been silly indeed while we were all away, not to mention during a Steam Daily Sale.

As such, once the team has recovered from Rezzed, getting this fixed up and both Steam and Desura updated will be our priority.

In the mean-time why not entertain yourself with some fun and games from Rezzed? One of the best things about the show this year was our team doing some survival bonding with our friends in the Day Z team. We even did a panel with Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall about our thoughts on zombie-kind.

You can give it a watch here:

Elsewhere our very own Will Porter was on a panel about fear and horror in games alongside Dean Hall (recurring theme, this one), Dying Light developer Maciej Binkowski and Al Hope of Alien Isolation fame. You can give that a squiz too, if you like.

The Indie Stone’s personal highlight, however, was witnessing long-time PZ supporter and survivor extraordinaire Twiggy streaming Zomboid live from the show floor alongside Chris. This was on the main page of Twitch, no less, and seeing our favourite Newfoundlander taking his rightful place among the great and the good of Twitchkind was amazing. Our eternal thanks to everyone who made it possible. You can give his stream a peek here! We pop up at the 2:52:30 mark!

Thanks to everyone we met at Rezzed! you were all amazing. See you again soon for Tooks Day 2015, we hope!

PS> Please pay attention to our twitter feed tomorrow for an exciting series of April Fools tweets!

PPS: Sorry Romain for chopping your head off, we’re too tired to mess about with that damn header image any more! So here it is in full:


Stable Build: 40.43 | IWBUMS Beta: 41.39 | Version history
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