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News & Dev
January 20, 2022

Patch PlanZ

Hello all, and a big welcome to all the new players – who probably almost outnumber the old players reading this at this point. It’s been… quite the month.

To the newly initiated: we do a dev blog every two weeks, and we call them ‘Thursdoids’. These are often interspersed with mod blogs on particular community heroes on the off weeks.

We generally only talk about the more imminent features in the development blog these days, but clearly occasionally set out wider plans – as we did in last time’s Thursdoid blockbuster.

This blog, however, is not a blockbuster we’re afraid – as it is predominantly us working on the upcoming 41.66 patch which contains many and varied vital and more pleasant improvements to our current MP release. (With a few other bits of fun and balance in-between.)

There’s no solid ETA on this patch, but we’re now limiting further additions and are within the testing process.

Once we’re happy with it, we will put it out on an unstable beta branch for the community to try out, before moving it into the mainline after the necessary fixes have been mixed in.

Current contents include:

  • An optional login queue system to make survivor waits outside full servers more organised, as well as to avoid server lag due to multiple players joining.
  • Cheat security fixes and improvements.
  • Improvements and fixes for VOIP – which currently is fairly faulty in the main version.
  • Fixed several duplication exploits.
  • Improvements for server owners. Specifically a new server option to specify actions which will be logged by the server. This can be used by admins to keep track of player activity such as theft, enabling pvp or destruction of property. It supports any action by name including actions added via mods. Translation support and custom extra information can be logged on a per-action basis. Player levels and other critical anti-cheat logs may also be added, which can allow admins to identify cheaters and other shenanigans via their logs. (We also intend to do a general tidy-up of server options, and to remove some of the more redundant ones before patch release.)
  • Updated and fixed Kingsmouth and Studio maps.
  • Tooltip information now provided on modded items, underlining which mod the item comes from.
  • A fix for trailers and attached vehicles suddenly wanting to explore space.
  • New Noiseworks sounds. Including violin melee hits, new melee hit noises on doors, new dismantle sounds, generator noises and more.
  • In-game map polish.
  • A lot of foraging balance, and loot location tips.
  • Working in-game radios (voice and text)
  • Split-screen fixes and polish.
  • Fixed VHS tapes exploit after relog, bizarre temperature bug, flickering mod sounds between speakers, enabled alarms in spawn buildings and much more.

Elsewhere we’ve had lots of meetings and chats this week about where we’re going forward over the next months (and, in some instances, years) between ourselves and our partners, and it’s been an exciting time.

Some of the team are moving onto the next major build(s) at this point, while others are remaining on the upkeep and polish of the current version. We should have a more gameplay-y and feature-y update for you next time round, as well as news on our ongoing MP improvements and optimizations.

Thanks all! See you next time.

This week’s chill vibes from Adres4t. A changelist of all our pre-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!


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