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March 16, 2023

Disruption Week

Hello all!

A brief and more hastily thrown together Thursdoid this week I’m afraid, as we’re currently at a messy but exciting turning point in b42’s development which will be setting us up for the remainder of development, and rather than try to scrape together content for this week’s blog while we’re in the guts of it, we would rather save what we have for a much more exciting Thursdoid down the line when things are also a little less hectic.

However, we’ll explain the situation this week to give people a better idea of what’s happening.

Firstly, months of multiplayer reworking has made its way into the main development build, which is our efforts toward moving a lot more of the codebase to being server authoritative, particularly with a completely server side inventory system, to aid in making future PZ builds a lot more hack proof.

Secondly, the core systems of the massive crafting rework are also being merged into trunk, ready for the wider team to start building on it for the much anticipated deep crafting trees and new post-apocalypse professions for our overhauled crafting systems.

The crafting overhaul is quite huge, changing how recipes and items work on a fundamental level, and will require some work to port over existing items, along with any that have been added elsewhere during the course of the new system’s development, and as such touches on many areas of the codebase and is a difficult one to integrate.

As such, things on the main branch are in a bit of temporary disarray as these big systems get integrated into the main line, it’s going to be a busy week as the team bugfixes and gets the development build ship shape to start pushing forward with all the integrated code toward getting it to a point we can start looking to push it out for public testing.

This new systems allows for:

  • Multi tile ‘machines’ and crafting stations
  • Support for networks of items, power, liquids or gases (ultimately a building’s power, heating and plumbing will use these systems for example)
  • For items both crafted and looted that have varied statistics and unique properties that alter how they function beyond the simplistic ‘condition’ of existing versions of the game, and providing much more deep variety to gameplay to crafted and looted items.
  • The recipe system has become much more in-depth and customizable allowing for much more interesting crafting processes and possibilities.

Unfortunately this also means some work in getting all this cool functionality pushed from its branch into the mainline, but this has to be done and once it is the situation going forward will be a lot more exciting.

Once this is done, and we have a large portion of the code team contributing to building out the vast crafting trees that have been designed, we should start to have some exceptionally cool stuff to show off in future Thursdoids as we start to feature the crafting overhaul (something quite a lot of people are most excited about) a lot more on the run up to build 42.

We’re aware that on the whole this aspect of b42 has been shown off in Thursdoids the least, mainly because the work done (outside the cool fluid systems and the crafting station vid shown a while back) has been mainly code for foundational systems to allow the crafting overhaul to reach the heights we are aiming for, which in itself facilitates extremely cool stuff but is rather hard to blog about in itself.

We’re excited that its reached the point where we can build on those foundations and hopefully begin to show off what we have planned. While build 42 is still a way off, we’ve reached the point we were excited to reach, where we can start actually filling out the tasty and much more bloggable content that will make up the crafting overhaul.

Without re-treading over old words, you can read an in-depth description of our crafting plans here.

Along with the new crafting systems, animal husbandry and hunting, the extensive map expansion, and the multiplayer rework–the only other branch left to combine into the build 42 main vein is the tech upgrades that we’ve detailed over the past few months. Including basement support, big optimizations to tile rendering, new lighting propagation, and…erm…. this…

The tech upgrades will likely be the last to be integrated, however will be the easiest once the times comes since the systems it changes, for the most part, do not overlap so much with ongoing development on other branches.

There has been some other cool stuff in the pipe, as hinted at in the screenshot at the top of the blog, but we’ll discuss them in more detail next time!

That’s all for this time–apologies if its rather thrown together this time but we’re really trying to push towards getting this stuff integrated so we can start showing off the cool crafting stuff we have in store for build 42 in future.



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