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May 16, 2024

COTD #18: Bangers, Keys, n' Ducks...

This time in Community of the Dead, we wander through multistorey bases, bop our heads to a soundtrack remix, and check out a heavy metal Spiffo…


Have you built or seen any cool PZ bases? Found any cool sights in Knox? Let us know via Twitter, or post your screenshot on our forum, the official Discord, Steam, or Reddit!

TheKitty’s verdant Garden of the Dead

A rooftop garden on an L-shaped building. A car park filled with vehicles lies below.

Parapz’s impressive modded base at Rosewood fire station

Azin’s very impressive rustic set-up…


Have you seen any cool PZ vids? Written a musical ode to the Dog Goblin? Found any cool streamers we don’t know about? Let us know via our forums, Twitter, the official Discord or Reddit!

Alex Phillips builds a forest base among the ruins of a custom map…

Spoodle attempts to clear the prison of its occupants…

Rainbow Swoop’s Eurobeat remix of some Zomboid music is a banger…


Made a cool drawing of your favourite Knox survivor? Crafted a Spiffo from metal plates and bits of chewing gum? Let us know via our forums, Twitter, or Reddit!

Karamzinova’s stylish survivor

Nut_By420’s sturdy Spiffo keychain

Salt_t’s girlfriend’s picture of salt_t’s axe-wielding survivor

A cute cartoon drawing of a female survivor wielding an axe

Kyootberry’s forlorn character Salem Moreau


Grover correctly figured out the secret to survival is a room for your duckies

Spiffo would like to thank everyone in the community for their wonderful creations, and remind you to keep in touch with us on our forums, Steam, Discord, Twitter, and Reddit!


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