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The Indie Stone are an indie outfit working out of the UK and Canada to create their vision of the ideal zombie survival game. During the hair-raising rollercoaster ride of Zomboid’s development the team have gained a raft of contributors, zed enthusiasts and close friends who are similarly dedicated to the cause. One of them happens to be a raccoon.

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The Indie Stone twitter account – @TheIndieStone

Press, opportunities or general inquiries –

Project Zomboid account questions – (If you send tech support questions here, the administrators will not be able to help.)

Technical assistance – forum here.

The Indie Stone

Will Porter

Writes dialogue like “Noooo!” and “Don’t eat me!”. Mutters about Corrie and QPR a bit.


Andy Hodgetts

Artist, animator and latte evangelist. Waves a stick during heated debates which can be scary.


Marina Siu-Chong

Guardian of the PZ map and artist extraordinaire. Also: big fan of sombrero-wearing Guinea Pigs.


Chris Simpson

Coder and whippet owner. Northern. Works late nights and early mornings. Rants on occasion.


Indie Stone Community Raccoon. Owns a successful chain of fast food outlets.


Project Zomboid Rezzed Session – How NOT to make a game!

Workmates, Friends and Contributors

Zach Beever

Zomboid musical impresario and presumed orchestral prodigy. Our favourite person ever.


Romain Dron

The modder turned coder who’s brought a slice of gallic charm into the PZ midst.


Paul Ring

Scripter, mapping expert and guardian of Zomboid’s Geordie heritage.


Tim Baker

AKA EasyPickins. The creator of our map/mod tools, the vehicles origin and PZ engine hero.

Martin Greenall

Animator and modeller. Man of greatness. Not actually from an old Samurai movie.

General Arcade

The Russians. A crack unit of super coders. Heroes for hire. Best Friends of Spiffo.



Creator of the integrated Erosion mod, and now official coder of similarly awesome stuff.

Martin Nehrdich

AKA NasKo. Community Manager, and enthusiastic manipulator of metal poles.


Jake Snow

Support and Operations Manager. Elusive. All-knowing. A curious riddle yet to be solved.

Drake Barron

AKA Rathlord. Tech Support warrior, gentleman and Mac specialist.


Johnathon Tinsley

AKA Kirrus. IT expert, webhost wizard and oftentimes a full-on Indie Stone saviour.



Purveyor of fine concept art, and polisher of Bob Smith’s bald spot. Also a nice man.

Connall Lindsay

Moderator, wiki-man, server sage and deep thinker. Annoyingly youthful/spry.



Moderator and calming influence. Knows just how we tick and our inner-most secrets.

Nick Cowen

Indie Stone best-buddy and coder in the early days. Now prepping Operation Roboid.


Caspian Prince

Java hero, advisor, contributor and insane Puppy Games genius. Also: nice man.


Kieran Rafferty

AKA Stormy. The modder whose work you appreciate every time you reload a shotgun…

Special Infected

Our elite brigand of bug-hunters, for whom no build is too broken – and from whom no zed is safe.