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Experienced gameplay coders wanted!

The Indie Stone is looking for experienced Games Programmers to join the Project Zomboid team!

We are looking for coders willing and able to refresh some of our older systems, polish the existing ones and then to delve further into the features that will be part of its exciting future.

  • Good experience at generalist games programming required – either in AAA studios, or in established indie development. (This is not an entry-level position.)
  • Java and C++ experience extremely beneficial, but not essential.
  • Candidates with experience in working in disciplines such as physics engines, animation systems, UI/UX, AI, rendering engines and 3D maths will be at an advantage.
  • Good communication skills in English.
  • Ability to work alone, while also being able to collaborate effectively online via remote working.
  • While not a requirement, a deep knowledge of Project Zomboid and its many gameplay systems would clearly be an advantage to any candidate.
  • A coder with an eye for design – and who shows the ability to develop, and balance, core gameplay features for Project Zomboid would also be in a favourable position upon application.

If you think you fit the bill then the place to direct your interest to is


Currently The Indie Stone is not hiring entry-level coders, designers, writers or artists for Project Zomboid.

When we do bring people on-board in an official capacity without established games industry experience, it is often from our amazing modding and mapping community – where people already display great skill and familiarity with the game and the way it is built.

The roles we do have available, however, will always be found on this page. They will generally be for those with a large degree of technical expertise, experience and a particular skillset that is required for the future betterment of the Knox Event experience.

The Indie Stone is a studio that works on a worldwide basis. We have a central hub in the UK, but ultimately location and timezone is no barrier. Good written communication skills in English, however, will be important.

Our core values are that applicants adhere to our ‘be lovely’ outlook, and truly believe in our project and the amazing places that it can still be taken.

Stable Build: 41.78.16 | IWBUMS Beta: 41.78.16 | Version history | Wiki
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