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The Game

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Project Zomboid is a Zombie Survival RPG available on PC, Mac and Linux.

Game Features

Here are some of the features that can be found in the current PZ build.

Flee the Horde

Thousands of ‘proper’ zeds roam the streets. Gunfire and combat could lead to a bite…

Sandbox Survival

Scavenge food, craft items, construct barricades and fight against inevitable death.

Join your Friends

Team up with similarly doomed buddies on user-created servers. Trust nobody!

Epic Exploration

Explore an isometric Muldraugh, KY, in our vast, growing map. Where will you make your stand?

Learn to Survive

Develop skills through play, while fending off depression, boredom and addictions.

Modding Support

Powerful Lua mod support, and map tools that will soon be given to the community.

Planned Features

Here are some of the planned features – alongside more weapons, animations, recipes, locations, survival systems and the introduction of dogs. We like dogs. Oh, and maybe the military will turn up one day too. Who can say?

PZ Stories

Our Kate and Baldspot tutorial will return alongside new plotlines. (Playable in build 0.1.5d)

NPC Survivors

In-depth NPC encounters driven by a metaverse system that tracks off-screen survival.

Where to buy

How it’s released

Project Zomboid will be continually updated until we achieve the feature list we set out at the start of development. The stable build can be found on Steam, but we often release Public Test Builds of upcoming updates that are downloadable by opting into what we call the ‘I Will Back Up My Save’ beta on Steam.

Please be warned however that IWBUMS will be buggy – these releases are our way of widening our tester group. For more information keep tabs on the PZ Downloads section of our forum.


A demo of Project Zomboid, showing the game as it was in early November 2013, is available on Steam.