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Meet the team

The Indie Stone

TIS began as four people working out of the UK and Canada to create their vision of the ideal zombie survival game. During the hair-raising rollercoaster ride of Zomboid’s development the core initial team gained a raft of contributors, zed enthusiasts, technical support boffins and close friends who were similarly dedicated to the cause. One of them happens to be a raccoon.

Project Zomboid Rezzed Session

For a rundown of the early history of Project Zomboid this talk initially given at Rezzed in Brighton in 2012 covers it all in detail.

Meet the Team

Project Zomboid is now developed all around the world. We have contributors and support staff in Canada, England, France, America, Germany, Russia, Australia and more besides.

The photo below shows the largest Project Zomboid team photo to date, yet sadly lacks our Canadian, Russian, American and Australian contingents – and also contains a drunk man we don’t know outside a pub in Newcastle.

Development Best Friends

During the development of Project Zomboid we have aligned forces with several companies whose services we would heartily recommend to anybody – so long as it doesn’t mean that our turf is getting muscled in on.

Vertex Break

A splinter group of coders formerly attached to our good friends at General Arcade, Vertex Break is a hotshot team of coders for whom no MP or vehicular challenge is too great. The guys at VB have been working alongside The Indie Stone for many years, and hopefully will for many years to come. Development best friends!

Formosa Interactive UK

Formerly known as Noiseworks, the team at Formosa UK are in charge of the PZ soundscape – and brilliantly reinvented the noise of the Knox Event for Build 41. They are, universally, charming and handsome.

TEA Games

An extraordinary bunch of established game development renegades who helped breathe life into our animation system, provided guidance on MP and much more besides.

Once known as The Eccentric Ape, this gang are now renewed under the moniker of TEA Games – and are pretty much the best in the business at everything they do.

Hire them, seek their advice, ask them to make your games – but please never ever rip them from this tight clench at our bosom.

Contact us

For Twitter details and ways to make email contact, please visit the Contact Us page!

Stable Build: 41.78.16 | IWBUMS Beta: 41.78.16 | Version history | Wiki
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