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November 3, 2014

Hello, and welcome to your Build 30 announcement post! If we were a AAA game and important we’d have a cinematic trailer, a carefully choreographed gameplay trailer, a press release and busloads of journalists being ferried around the world, and wined and dined in the finest of fancy restaurants!

As it is, we have a list of stuff. And maybe some headlines marked up in bold or maybe underlined. We’ll see how we go!

Build 29.4!

First off, we’re not quite done with Build 29. We’ve got a few final bug fixes sitting in the Indie Stone hot-fix cannon, and ready for deployment at some point this week. You can read the current fixes going into the mix here, but this list will grow somewhat after Romain and EasyPickins hoover up the remaining major culprits that have been flagged in our bugtracker. Keep an eye on the Build 29 Release thread for more details as they emerge.

Build 30 – Erosion!

Yes, that’s right! After collusion between much beloved mod-creator TurboTuTone and the similarly beloved Mash, not to mention some expert final coding from the ALSO beloved EasyPickins, we are now on the final straight when it comes to the integration of wilderness growth and seasonal change in Project Zomboid! For more details check out Turbo’s interview from a few Mondoids ago!

Build 30 – Medical Revamp!

This is a mighty hefty, so you’d be advised to click through to RJ’s Upcoming Build 30 notes. The basics, however, are a new Health interface and a myriad of new ways to injure yourself. Each new malady comes with its own potential treatments [well, most do…] whether you’ve scavenged supplies from Cortman Medical or crafted your own home-made remedy.

Infections, burns, fractures, lodged bullets, glass shards… it’s a whole new world of pain. What’s more it all comes with a First Aid skill that will help you level up as a Doctor, which will clearly make you the go-to guy or gal in Multiplayer.

Build 30 – Other Stuff!

Erosion and the Medical Overhaul are the primary attractions in Build 30, but there are few other things waiting in the wings that may well make an appearance too. We should have confirmation of them next Mondoid. Pretty much everything noted above is currently in-game, now the process of balancing, polishing and tying up loose ends begins. As ever though, no ETA!

Oh, and the TIS Halloween Costume Contest!

If you dressed up like a bloodied nightmare over this past weekend and feel like sharing your photo, why not join in on our contest for the chance to win a Steam copy of Alien: Isolation – or a game of similar value? Just click on through. Closing date is Tuesday afternoon UK-time.

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

Be sure to check the upcoming version post and subscribe to our newsletter to be sure you won’t miss anything! That’s it for now. Thanks so much for living and dying in our game! Love y’all.

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