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January 11, 2024

Project Zomboid Mobile

Despite many posts and apps claiming otherwise, Project Zomboid is NOT playable on mobile.

Anything claiming otherwise is at best misleading, and at worst a scam.

Likewise, there will never be a Project Zomboid Mobile APK. These are all fake and likely malicious, and may steal your personal data.

While you can technically stream gameplay of Project Zomboid using Steam Link or other services like Nvidia Geforce NOW, this is true of many games. The game is not being played on your device, only streamed to it. This is not supported by Project Zomboid itself, and never will be.

To reiterate, any app or site that claims to let you play Project Zomboid on mobile is either misleading or a scam.

Spiffo looking lost, wondering if Project Zomboid is on mobile (it isn't).

Project Zomboid is only available to buy, install, and properly play on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, and there are no plans to make the game available on mobile devices or on consoles.

Even if we wanted to, mobile devices are not powerful or robust enough to run Project Zomboid, and will never be supported. We hope this post clears up the confusion once and for all.

How to Play Project Zomboid

You can buy the game on Steam and GOG. The system requirements for Windows, subject to change, are as follows:

  • Windows 10, 64 Bit
  • 64bit OS required
  • Processor: Intel 2.77GHz Quad-core
  • Memory: 8Gb Ram
  • Hard Disk Space: 5gig
  • Video Card: Dedicated graphics card with 2 GB of RAM minimum, OpenGL 2.1 and GLSL 1.2 support (generally 2012 or newer)
  • Sound: FMOD compatible sound card

See our Steam page for the most up-to-date system requirements, and for information on Mac and Linux.

Want to learn more about our game? Check out the latest Project Zomboid news here, the game’s features here, and see some of the many incredible creations of our modders here.

We look forward to seeing you running from the zombie hordes of Knox Country and cursing that hovering helicopter very soon!

The Indie Stone

P.S. Yes, this has totally been put out for search engine reasons; the risk of people being scammed is too high, which makes Spiffo sad 🙁


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