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Don’t dead

February 20, 2017

Okay! Quick general update on the various irons currently in the fire… Annotated loot stash maps As discussed last week some (rare) zombies will soon carry town […]

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Stash in the Attic

February 13, 2017

Hello! A few things from the big list of what's cooking: MAP STASHES In the next IWBUMS beta release there’ll be a system that we’ve added to […]

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Roots n’ Branches

February 6, 2017

Hey all, hope you’re well. Updates from various departments in zombie land this fair Mondoid. BUILD 37 IWBUMS BETA We released a bugfix update last week to […]

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Status and Build History

February 5, 2017

"Greetings survivor! I'm Spiffo the Community Raccoon!" "If you want to know the what's in the upcoming build of Project Zomboid, or look back into […]

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Perishable Items

January 31, 2017

Greetings citizen. Here’s all the latest from the latest isometric dips into undead anarchy… BUILD 37 PUBLIC BETA In keeping with this year’s focus on getting regular […]

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In-Game Mappage

January 23, 2017

Howdy survivor. Hope your apocalyptic nightmare scenario is going well. Here’s some news from the land of zeds… IN-GAME MAPS For many PZ players the alt-tab to […]

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Dead Territory

January 16, 2017

Hello! The zombie paperboy just threw the following chewed and bloodied missive onto your lawn. Read on, survivor! BUILD 37: ORIGINS Since the release of Build 36 […]

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Build 36 Team up

January 9, 2017

Hello! It’s Monday. It’s Project Zomboid. So it must be... Mondoiddddd. Build 36 Released! This year we intend to keep the build release process fairly free-flowing, as […]

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December 26, 2016

Hey survivors, we hope your festivities are going well if you’re celebrating – and that your cakes are bleach-free and your wounds non-infected. Short and sweet […]

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