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Pea Super

November 1, 2018

Hi all, glad you’re here and that overall Build 40 has gone down well – and without too many annoying niggles too. This will only […]

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Build 40 released!

October 30, 2018

To both of you out there who aren't playing Red Dead Redemption 2 right now, we have a treat! Build 40 has been officially released! Build […]

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New Briefs

October 25, 2018

Hey everyone! Extremely short Thursdoid today since usual wordsmith Batsphinx is away, we planned on making this Thursday our full release day thus be one […]

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Sway of Things

October 18, 2018

Hey all, here’s what’s happening. BUILD 40 Build 40 is for all intents of purposes done now, with one addition that might need a few fixes that […]

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Men with Ven

September 20, 2018

Hey all, here’s a quick run-down on where we’re at with Build 40 and beyond. BUILD 41+ With the final touches being made to build 40, we're […]

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Soda Scream

September 13, 2018

Thursday, Thursday one and all. We’re currently knuckling down on the Build 40 IWBUMS beta - as it’s pretty much feature complete at this stage, […]

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