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April 28, 2014

The Secret of Mapa

It’s time for another Mondoid, and due to unlucky circumstances, it falls to me, MashPotato, to interview… MashPotato. Yes, it’s a Mondoid of talking to myself!

Mash: So, how are you Mash? Long time no talk!
Mash: Yes, it’s been a while! I’ve been fine, it finally stopped snowing last week–
Mash: No one cares about your weather!
Mash: : (
Mash: So what’s happening with the PZ map?
Mash: Well, I’m currently working on a pretty sizeable expansion of the map. Unlike the west Point expansion, this is more of a diffuse addition, with several new areas, generally east and north of West Point. I’ll call it… New Points? We haven’t come up for a name for it all yet, so I’ll call it that for now.  New Points is a mix of locations that would have both high and low zombie population densities.
Mash: How annoyingly vague!
Mash: When it comes to map stuff, annoyingly vague is how I roll, baby! I like to keep map stuff under wraps until release, so people can discover new areas for themselves. However, I will say that some of the new areas are in keeping with RJ’s recent addition of fishing (which you can read about here ) and our future plans for hunting.


Mash: Wow, a pic! And I didn’t even ask for one!
Mash: And here’s ANOTHER!


Mash: So you can see (it’s the interviewee talking now, by the way) just from those two pics that there’s a mix of locations in New Points.
Mash: What are you most excited about seeing in-action?
Mash: In general, I’m just looking forward to seeing the map get bigger so people have more of a reason to migrate from one place to another, especially now that it’s possible for players to survive for longer periods. More specifically, there are some places that have more nooks and crannies and alleys, which I think would be a great location for battles between survivor groups in multiplayer. It will be cool to see that play out!
Mash: What sort of place?
Mash: You’ll see!
Mash: Well, That’s all the time we have for this week’s Mondoid! Join us next week when hopefully I won’t be talking to myself–
Mash: IT’S A MALL.


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