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May 5, 2014

It’s a traaap

Happy Bank Holiday Mondoid everyone! [Foreign types: on some days of the year in the UK the banks all shut down, so everyone else is forced to have a day off. Unless of course you work on a zombie game, or if you work on the London Underground. Although the latter does give it a good go.]

Quite a ‘getting on with it’ update this week. Mash is continuing to prepare for the ‘Other Points’ map expansion which may or may not contain a Mall. (It does!) Chris continues with NPC work, and Andy’s animating all manner of new moves for zeds and survivors alike.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing of note in Mondoidton.

Build 26

Build 26 is now part of the beta branch on Steam – so no IWBUMS password is required. We still have some compatibility issues on a teeny tiny subset of cards for EasyPickins to build a trap for and ensnare, but once their tiny necks have been wringed we’ll be in a state to push it to stable on Steam – and update on Desura.

Humbly Desura-y Widget-y business

If you’re already part of the PZ crowd then this information’s a bit redundant BUT this week there are two new ways to buy Project Zomboid. Huzzah!

First off there’s our spangly new direct purchase Desura widget on our website: This is an awesome thing to see from Desura, and we’re really excited to see if this will bring a lot more people Desura’s way, ’cause we love those peoples! You can buy direct for our page with just a slight detour Paypal’s way, getting a steam key and direct download links right away.  So if you talk to any indies, please let them know this is a thing now, as it may tempt a few devs to jump on Desura — something that’s good for everyone and that we’d love to see.

Ohh go on then, have a look. Ahem!

Second off, after community demand and a few chats with the fundamentally lovely chaps at the Humble Bundle, steam keys for PZ will be available for purchase on the Humble Store imminently. Please watch our twitter, or their website, and we’ll tell you when we hit!

Exciting times and many more opportunities to tempt survivors to their certain deaths in Muldraugh, KY!

Trapping and murdering Kentucky wildlife

Finally, over to Romain with news on his trapping system!

“I’m continuing with the survivalism features that we’re adding: trapping.

“The way it works is that you have to build traps (snare, cage, bird trap etc) or find one ( like a mouse trap), and then set them in the area of your choice. Depending on the area you choose (town, forest, deep forest) you’ll then catch the relevant animals. So good luck trapping a rabbit in a town zone, for example!”

“To attract an animal, you have to add bait to your trap – whether it’s carrots, peanuts or anything in-between. (Not Spiffo!) It’ll be up to you to find out which bait works the best for the different sorts of animals you can capture – rabbits, birds, squirrels, mice and more.”

“You’ll have to check your trap every day to be sure your bait is still fresh, and still there! Or, of course, that you’ve caught something and it’s not already escaped, or been taken by another survivor!

“Oh, and of course all this comes a brand new skill: Trapping! (Surprise!)”



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