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July 4, 2016

You got red on you

It’s been a week of awesome progress in anims-land, which means a new video for Mondoid. Hurrah! Have a look-see at this. We’ll also highlight the notable stuff in the blog once you’ve returned from all the violence.

So, what are we seeing here?

  • Blood spatter now accumulates on zombies, players and even weapons.
  • We only have males in t-shirts, vests and jeans active in the build currently (pending the new clothing/women being made to work with the new texture overlay system) but we already have much greater variation in zombies – and there will be more to come.
  • The new blood effects mean that on the player character blood from wounds will be able to spread, and give the player a visual cue that they are bleeding. Or, perhaps, their companions an indication that they’ve taken a bite…
  • Clothing that gets bloody will need washing or replacing, though when we code that in we’ll be sure to underline that blood stains are a nightmare to get out…
  • Next on the list are visible bandages, while it’s also worth pointing out that the overlay system means that t-shirt logos can easily be placed as overlays allowing for any texture placed in a marked PZ directory to appear on shirts.

Caveat time! As mentioned in past blogs, we’ve done a ton of optimization work in preparation for the animations update – but there’s no guarantee that these features will all look as good, or indeed be present at all, on really low spec machines. It’s too early to tell how much we’ll be able to do, but as ever we’ll have everything set up so it can be toggled on, off and in-between in the graphical options menus.

The sheer amount of blood on display in this vid is also fairly high, and will be balanced once we’ve got everything integrated – but will also be turned down/up in the options if you’re no fan of gore, or perhaps like it that little bit too much…

So that covers the Binky/Lemmy/Martin triumvirate in terms of ‘big stuff’ that leads into all our future planned content. In the mean-time while his metalwork and nutrition awaits its testing form, RJ is starting work on the sleep system improvements that we hope will bring a degree more anxiety to your nightly routine (as prefaced in this Mondoid).

Turbo’s getting dug into the visual niceties and usefulness of TV/Radio/VCRs when it comes to gameplay proper, and hopes to get you a vid next week, and EP continues to plough his mysterious way through complex engine and zed navigation improvements for later on.

Oh and finally, the Redboid server is having a bit of a reset – so if you fancy getting on-board with an online crew from the earliest days of the infection then you can find them here.

This week’s highly dramatic featured image by Sandra on Steam. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Okay thanks bye!


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