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April 9, 2013

All Aboard the Muldraugh Tour Bus!

Is everyone settled in? Can you hear me in the back? Fantastic!

Greetings, passengers! I’m MashPotato and today I’ll be your Muldraugh tour guide, giving you the inside scoop of the history, highlights, and gossip of our fair town!

Let’s take a look a look at Muldraugh, shall we?

No, no–not that Muldraugh–THIS Muldraugh:

Since its founding in 2011, Muldraugh has undergone tremendous changes. The first rendition of our town was based on the principle of “cram everything in”, and while this made for an efficient looting commute, actually living in this town was quite befuddling. And some residents had to make do without bedrooms or bathrooms.

So we ripped it all out and rebuilt the town, basing it generally upon the layout of Satellite Muldraugh. You’ll noti– Sir–SIR–please keep your arms inside the bus at all times. There are specific reasons for this. *ahem*

You’ll notice that that the new Muldraugh is already much bigger than the old (the town itself is currently five cells, compared to the previous two cells), and is expanding every day. While the core of Muldraugh nears completion as we speak, the outskirts (400 cells worth) are also being developed with lovely remote locations to visit. Do you remember that “long” trek to the farm? Haha, if you plan on touring a farm on THIS trip, be prepared to walk… and walk…. and walk… seven cells. But on the way, you’ll find plenty of places to camp and picnic!

What’s that? Why are so many of our residents pale and walking strangely? … lack of vitamin D. It’s been a nasty winter.

And what new things can you expect to see in this new Muldraugh? You’ll find your old favourites like Spiffo’s, but also exciting new franchises like Pizza Whirled, places to shop and eat, and a couple of places to spend a comfortable night. Many new tiles have been created to construct these new locations (125 tilesheets are available, compared to the previous 39), and considering what previous residents have made using the old tiles, we can’t wait to see what will come in the future.

But when you’re tired of walking around town, what other things are there to do? How about improving your body, mind, and spirit? I’ll let the lovely Romain explain with this video presentation; may I please direct your attention upward to the TV screen? Ignore the residents banging on the bus sides, they’re just excited to see some tourists.

Well, that ends our tour of fair Muldraugh, I hope you’ll all have fun during your stay. By the way, when you exit the bus, I suggest keeping away from the town center as much as possible. Crowds, and all that. Oh, and wear comfortable shoes. Have a good day!


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