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w - Variable in class javax.vecmath.Tuple4b
The fourth value.
w - Variable in class javax.vecmath.Tuple4d
The w coordinate.
w - Variable in class javax.vecmath.Tuple4f
The w coordinate.
w - Variable in class javax.vecmath.Tuple4i
The w coordinate.
W - Variable in class zombie.core.skinnedmodel.model.UInt4
w - Variable in class zombie.core.skinnedmodel.Vector4
w - Variable in class zombie.core.textures.TexturePackPage.SubTextureInfo
W - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoCell.Zone
w - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoGridSquare
w - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoLot.Zone
w - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoMetaGrid.Zone
w - Variable in class zombie.iso.RoomDef.RoomRect
Wait - Static variable in class zombie.ui.SpeedControls
WaitCommand - Class in zombie.scripting.commands
WaitCommand() - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.commands.WaitCommand
WaitMul - Static variable in class zombie.gameStates.IngameState
WaitUntilFollowersArrive - Class in zombie.behaviors.survivor.orders
WaitUntilFollowersArrive(IsoGameCharacter) - Constructor for class zombie.behaviors.survivor.orders.WaitUntilFollowersArrive
WalkCommand - Class in zombie.scripting.commands.Character
WalkCommand() - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.commands.Character.WalkCommand
WalkToLastHeardSound - Class in zombie.scripting.commands.Character
WalkToLastHeardSound() - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.commands.Character.WalkToLastHeardSound
WalkToLastKnownLocationOf - Class in zombie.scripting.commands.Character
WalkToLastKnownLocationOf() - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.commands.Character.WalkToLastKnownLocationOf
WalkTowardState - Class in
WalkTowardState() - Constructor for class
walkVariant - Variable in class zombie.characters.IsoZombie
walkVariantUse - Variable in class zombie.characters.IsoZombie
WalkWithinRangeOf - Class in zombie.scripting.commands.Character
WalkWithinRangeOf() - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.commands.Character.WalkWithinRangeOf
wallBloodSplats - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoObject
WallCracks - Class in zombie.erosion.categories
WallCracks() - Constructor for class zombie.erosion.categories.WallCracks
WallFollower - Class in zombie
WallFollower() - Constructor for class zombie.WallFollower
wallStep() - Method in class zombie.WallFollower
WallVines - Class in zombie.erosion.categories
WallVines() - Constructor for class zombie.erosion.categories.WallVines
Wander() - Method in class zombie.characters.IsoZombie
WanderFromWindow() - Method in class zombie.characters.IsoZombie
wanderSpeed - Variable in class zombie.characters.IsoZombie
WanderState - Class in
WanderState() - Constructor for class
warnedHammer - Variable in class zombie.ui.TutorialManager
WarnFailFindTexture - Static variable in class zombie.core.textures.Texture
warningsFatal(boolean) - Method in class com.sixlegs.png.PngConfig.Builder
Configures whether warnings should be treated as fatal errors.
wasActive() - Method in class zombie.iso.IsoLightSource
WasBurntToDeath() - Method in class zombie.characters.BodyDamage.BodyDamage
WasComplete - Variable in class zombie.Quests.QuestTask
wasKeyDown(int) - Static method in class zombie.input.GameKeyboard
WatchPair(String, String) - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.commands.LoadTexturePage.WatchPair
WaterShut - Variable in class zombie.SandboxOptions
WaterSources - Variable in class zombie.iso.areas.IsoRoom
WAV - Static variable in class zombie.openal.DeferredSound
Indicate a WAV to be loaded
WaveData - Class in zombie.openal
Utitlity class for loading wavefiles.
Waypoint(int, int, int) - Constructor for class zombie.behaviors.survivor.orders.GotoOrder.Waypoint
Waypoint - Class in zombie.scripting.objects
Waypoint() - Constructor for class zombie.scripting.objects.Waypoint
WaypointMap - Variable in class zombie.scripting.objects.ScriptModule
Waypoints - Variable in class zombie.behaviors.survivor.orders.GotoOrder
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoBarricade
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoCrate
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoDoor
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoThumpable
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoTree
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoWindow
WeaponHit(IsoGameCharacter, HandWeapon) - Method in class zombie.iso.objects.IsoWoodenWall
WeaponHit - Static variable in class
WeaponLoot - Variable in class zombie.SandboxOptions
WeaponLowerCondition(HandWeapon, IsoGameCharacter) - Method in class
WeaponLowerCondition(HandWeapon, IsoGameCharacter) - Static method in class
WeaponOverlayUtils - Class in zombie.characters
WeaponOverlayUtils() - Constructor for class zombie.characters.WeaponOverlayUtils
WeaponPart - Class in zombie.inventory.types
WeaponPart(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class zombie.inventory.types.WeaponPart
weapons - Variable in class zombie.iso.areas.BuildingScore
WeaponSprite - Variable in class zombie.scripting.objects.Item
WeaponWeight - Variable in class zombie.scripting.objects.Item
Weather - Static variable in class
webSite - Static variable in class zombie.util.PublicServerUtil
WeightReduction - Variable in class zombie.scripting.objects.Item
Wetness - Variable in class zombie.characters.BodyDamage.BodyDamage
WetnessDecrease - Static variable in class zombie.ZomboidGlobals
WetnessIncrease - Static variable in class zombie.ZomboidGlobals
white - Static variable in class zombie.core.Color
The fixed colour white
WIDTH - Static variable in class com.sixlegs.png.PngConstants
IHDR: Width
width - Variable in class zombie.core.fonts.AngelCodeFont.CharDef
The width of the character image
width - Variable in class zombie.core.opengl.Shader
width - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoObjectPicker.ClickObject
width - Variable in class zombie.iso.LotHeader
width - Variable in class zombie.ui.UIElement
WidthTiles - Static variable in class zombie.iso.CellStreamer
wife - Variable in class zombie.ui.TutorialManager
wifeKilledByEarl - Variable in class zombie.ui.TutorialManager
WillIntersect - Variable in class zombie.CollisionManager.PolygonCollisionResult
windAmbient - Variable in class zombie.AmbientStreamManager
Windows - Variable in class zombie.iso.areas.IsoBuilding
Windows - Variable in class zombie.iso.areas.IsoRoom
wipe() - Method in class se.krka.kahlua.j2se.KahluaTableImpl
wipe() - Method in class se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaArray
wipe() - Method in interface se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaTable
wipe() - Method in class zombie.Lua.LuaBackendClass
wood - Variable in class zombie.iso.areas.BuildingScore
workerThread - Variable in class
WorkerThread() - Constructor for class
worldAge - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoFloorBloodSplat
worldAge - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoWallBloodSplat
WorldConverter - Class in zombie.iso
WorldConverter() - Constructor for class zombie.iso.WorldConverter
worldItem - Variable in class zombie.inventory.InventoryItem
WorldItemTypes - Class in
WorldItemTypes() - Constructor for class
WorldMessage - Static variable in class
WorldSimulation - Class in zombie.core.physics
Created by LEMMYPC on 07/01/14.
WorldSimulation() - Constructor for class zombie.core.physics.WorldSimulation
WorldSound - Static variable in class
WorldSound() - Constructor for class zombie.WorldSoundManager.WorldSound
worldSoundDelay - Variable in class zombie.AmbientSoundManager.Ambient
WorldSoundManager - Class in zombie
WorldSoundManager() - Constructor for class zombie.WorldSoundManager
WorldSoundManager.WorldSound - Class in zombie
WorldStreamer - Class in zombie.iso
WorldStreamer() - Constructor for class zombie.iso.WorldStreamer
worldStreamer - Variable in class zombie.iso.WorldStreamer
worldToScreenX(float) - Method in class zombie.ZombiePopulationManager.ZombiePopulationRenderer
worldToScreenY(float) - Method in class zombie.ZombiePopulationManager.ZombiePopulationRenderer
worldTransforms - Variable in class zombie.core.skinnedmodel.animation.AnimationPlayer
WorldVersion - Static variable in class zombie.iso.IsoWorld
WorldX - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap
WorldXA - Static variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap
WorldY - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap
WorldYA - Static variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap
WorldZA - Static variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap
WorldZoom - Static variable in class zombie.iso.IsoCamera
Wound() - Constructor for class zombie.characters.IsoGameCharacter.Wound
WoundInfection - Static variable in class
WrappedBuffer - Class in zombie.core.utils
Tracks allocated buffers
WrappedBuffer(ByteBuffer) - Constructor for class zombie.core.utils.WrappedBuffer
write(byte[]) - Method in class com.jcraft.jogg.Buffer
write(int, int) - Method in class com.jcraft.jogg.Buffer
write(String) - Method in class zombie.core.logger.ZLogger
write(String, String) - Method in class zombie.core.logger.ZLogger
write(Exception) - Method in class zombie.core.logger.ZLogger
write(String) - Method in class zombie.Lua.LuaManager.GlobalObject.LuaFileWriter
writeclear() - Method in class com.jcraft.jogg.Buffer
writeFile(String) - Method in class zombie.erosion.ErosionConfig
writeinit() - Method in class com.jcraft.jogg.Buffer
writeLog(String, String) - Static method in class zombie.Lua.LuaManager.GlobalObject
WriteLog - Static variable in class
WriteString(ByteBuffer, String) - Static method in class zombie.GameWindow
WriteString(DataOutputStream, String) - Static method in class zombie.GameWindow
WriteStringUTF(ByteBuffer, String) - Static method in class zombie.GameWindow
writeToRemoteBuffer(ByteBufferWriter) - Method in class zombie.iso.IsoObject
wrote(int) - Method in class com.jcraft.jogg.SyncState
wx - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunk
wx - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoLot
wx - Variable in class
wx - Variable in class
wx - Variable in class
WX - Variable in class
wy - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoChunk
wy - Variable in class zombie.iso.IsoLot
wy - Variable in class
wy - Variable in class
wy - Variable in class
WY - Variable in class
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